07 Feb 3 Travel Essentials

What are some of your must packed essentials for travels?

My top 3 are rather simple…

Facial cleansing tool



I have heard so many good things about Foreo Play and was excited to tell my girl friend about it. She misunderstood as something else (umm…) and made fun of me. That’s not important but I just think it worths mentioning if someone ever made fun of the name. Anyway, I think the mini size is perfect for travel and there’s no need to recharge ( you can use up to 100 times), price is affordable. To me it’s a perfect substitute to my Clarisonic Mia which I have been using for years.

Second must packed item is a pair of slippers. We are spoiled by the hotels in Asia that all provide slippers in room and yes I just can’t do bare feet on hotel’s carpet….a pair of slippers is a must for me. I feel guilty to throw away those dollar store slippers every time after going somewhere for hygiene purpose. I found this pair of Mahabis Slippers you can actually attach soles underneath. The soles are meant for you to wear outdoor but they are actually perfect for me to bring to hotels, I can sanitize the detachable plastic soles and don’t have to keep disposing travel slippers. Did I even mention they look very chic and minimal?

In case you are interested, use code IGXwiste to get 15% off and free worldwide shipping.

Last thing I must pack is sleeping mask…I’m so lazy to bring too much skincare bottles with me especially for short trip. I just throw in a small travel size that I use both as night cream and mask…

My favourites are Fresh Rose Face Mask and Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask . They work well a sleeping mask and I don’t wash them away. I just put them on and leave them overnight. I got extremely sensitive skin and sometimes time zone difference from long haul travels will cause my skin allergy. These two really help to calm my redness and itchiness down.

Now I have mentioned all the essentials. If my luggage still have tiny bit room left for me to bring a luxurious non-necessity, that would be my favourite candle for sure. That just make any hotel home away home instantly. My favourite one would be Diptyque Feu De Bois – literally smells like a wood burning fireplace, warm and cozy.

Let me know if you have any must bring travel essentials and please share yours in the comment section below too!

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