12 Mar Afternoon Tea Experiment

I have tried so many afternoon tea places in Vancouver and this 13 course afternoon tea by Wild Sweets is something completely different from what I have experienced before. Imagine this is a lab experiment with test tubes and injectors, sounds interesting enough and worths a try right?

The most entertaining part to me is to assemble the finger food and have fun with food styling. Nevertheless not everyone would appreciate this kind of set up as afternoon tea is supposed to have that wow factor when that 3 tier of goodies brought to the table. It lacks of the visual appearance comparing to the traditional kind of afternoon tea.

Food wise I appreciate the chefs put tons of effort to create a full menu incorporated with a cohesive theme of cocoa bean to chocolate. A few courses are outstanding, and my favourites are

CoCo Air with dark chocolate & hazelnut praliné ‘Air’ – the cloud texture mixed with rich chocolate taste is just stunning and this is a kind of dessert I would find in a Michelin starred restaurant.

Tomato Cocoa nibs bread with pesto mozzarella and crispy bacon – Bacon is the star in the dish. Paper thin, crispy like chips and very rich smoky flavours.

The scones are dry to my taste. I would suggest they should warm them up a bit..flavours aren’t bad but they are too hard and crumbly to be served in room temperature.

Almost every course comes with an aroma oil injector to enhance the flavour, I like this fun idea but I find sometimes the oil tastes overly strong. Make sure you only use them deliberately.


BUT…I wish they replace the plastic plates and styrofoam cups. It’s a big turn off  to see anything served with plastic at the afternoon tea.

Value – 8.5  (For 13 course course menu, well worths the $40 per person)

Food –  7.5

Ambience – 6 (unfortunately I just don’t have a liking for dining in a lab)

Presentation – 6 (End product looks good but not the way how it’s brought to the table with plastics cups and paper bags)

Wild Sweets
Cocoa Bean to Chocolate Afternoon Tea $40/per person
Address: 12191 Hammersmith Way #2145, Richmond, BC V7A 5H2
Phone: (604) 765-9507

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