11 Oct Afternoon tea with Hermès

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Meticulously intricate serving plate and fine china from the Voyage en Ikat collection and Mosaique Au 24 . Served with my homemade savoury treats and DIY fondant bags.20151011-hermes10

Happy Thanksgiving! To celebrate this long weekend and the lavish Hermès tea set from my dear gf’s fine china collection, we were brought together to create this crème de la crème fashionista afternoon tea party. Everything you see here from food, place cards, menu, floral arrangements and décor including the miniature fondant bags were all homemade and DIY.

The place cards and menu are all calligraphy handwritten by my friend Shirley. I added little finishing touch like recycling Hermès receipt envelopes to turn them into menu holders and adding Hermès ribbons from leftover packaging on the place cards. I’m very happy my GF trusted my vision and let me have the freedom to bring this themed tea party into real life. Everything looked the way I visioned and I’m even more happy all my friends had a fantastic time get together to celebrate the thanksgiving weekend. Totally brighten my day!

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I will share how to create the little fondant bag cuties in the next post but may I share the menu and recipes with you below. I’m tried of ordinary taste sandwiches and would like to try something different.

Fashionista Tea Menu

1) Pumpernickel open faced sandwiches with homegrown figs, smoked speck prosciutto, Toscano cheese, soaked in Syrah, balsamic reduction

2) Petite waffle cones with genmaicha infused chicken salad, nori seaweed & wasabi aioli

3) Petite croissants with smoked salmon & cream cheese

4) Classic lemon & pepper prawn cocktail

by my bestie Michelle from Cherie Pastries

1) English scones (original + lemon & lavender) served with jelly & devon creme

2) Espresso caramel crunch cake

3) Vanilla & raspberries mousse

4) Earl grey & chocolate ganache macarons

5) Edible fruit bouquet by girlfriend Vanessa

6) Queen of hearts gummies from Sugarfina

With Premium tea and Provençal rosé wine

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Recipe: Petite waffle cones with genmaicha infused chicken salad, nori & wasabi aioli

1) Mini waffle cones 20pc (get them here if you don’t have a waffle machine)
2) Chicken breast 1pc
3) Wasabi mayo (2 tbs), you may add around 1 tsp wasabi to regular mayo as substitute
4) 1 Genmaicha tea bag (available in Asian supermarket)
5) Seaweed snack 4-5 pc
6) 1 tbs Miso
7) 1 tbs Mirin
8) Frisbee lettuce, celery, cucumber (optional)

1) Dice chicken breast into very tiny pieces, marinade with miso and mirin. Set aside in fridge for an hour.
2) Heat up pan with oil, stir fry chicken pieces until fully cooked. Set aside and cool until reaching to room temperature
3) Open the tea bag and take out the tea leaves. Set aside.
4) Use a pair of scissors to thinly cut the seaweed into tiny pieces. Set aside.
5) Mix chicken with mayo, tea leaves and seaweed well together.
6) Pop them back into fridge over night.
7) Next day, if you would like to go for crunchier texture, add some chopped frisbee lettuce, cucumber or celery to the chicken salad.
8) Scoop them with a pair of chopsticks and stuff into the waffle cones. Remember to serve them fresh right after prepared to prevent cones turning soggy.

Recipe: Pumpernickel open faced sandwiches with homegrown figs, smoked speck prosciutto, Toscano cheese soaked in Syrah, balsamic reduction

1) Pumpernickel cocktail bread 10-12pc
2) Your favourite kind of prosciutto 50g
3) 1 large fig or 2 small brown figs
4) Balsamic reduction drizzle
5) Toscano cheese in Syrah (from Trader Joe’s)

1) Cut slices of prosciutto in halves, set aside.
2) Thinly slice figs, set aside.
3) Assemble sandwich with pumpernickel bread at the bottom, layer on prosciutto, fig slice and lastly drizzle some balsamic reduction
4) Garnish with cheese
5) You may do this dish in 2 ways. The second way is to slice cheese, wrap with prosciutto and top with figs.

Recipe: Petite croissants with smoked salmon & cream cheese

1) 1 pack of frozen mini croissants. Mine is from Trader Joe’s. Prepare and bake as per instruction on package.
2) 100g smoked salmon pieces
3) 80g cream cheese
4) Red onion 50g
5) Celery 50g
6) Capers tsp
7) Dill 1 tsp
8) Lettuce for garnish

1) Beat cream cheese until soft and airy.
2) Combine smoked salmon, red onion, celery, capers into food processor and finely chop them in pieces
3) Combine cream cheese with smoked salmon mixture, add dill and pepper for more flavours. *You may adjust cream cheese and smoked salmon mixture in proportion to your liking.
4) Stuff cream cheese and smoked salmon mixture in mini croissants. My TJ mini croissants are slightly larger than I thought so I cut them in halves.
5) Garnish with lettuce and serve them fresh.

  • Carmen
    Posted at 08:52h, 12 October Reply

    This afternoon tea look even better than the food standard in hotel.

  • Carmen
    Posted at 08:58h, 12 October Reply

    A high caliber event you won’t find anywhere else. Such impressive attention to details to create a wonderful afternoon experience.

  • Ally | Aye, Sir! Ally
    Posted at 07:01h, 14 October Reply

    The attention to detail and execution are both immaculate. I am blown away that everything here was handcrafted and DIY. This is a true testament to your abilities as a planner, a chef, a designer, and photographer. Brava.

  • McTea
    Posted at 14:01h, 11 January Reply

    Excellent arrangement, could totally be mistaken as those in Hermes’ cafe 🙂

    Btw, I have an unrelated question for you, hope you don’t mind. While searching for templates and planning to build a standalone website, I found yours to be very stylish and quite similar to what I have in mind. Do you mind telling me whether it’s a template that’s publicly available or a proprietary one you built yourself? Thank you!

    • vivi
      Posted at 15:07h, 11 January Reply

      Hello Mctea, thanks for coming by. I’m using the theme for wordpress called Bridge ..

  • Mctea
    Posted at 23:23h, 12 January Reply

    Found it, thank you so much 😀

    • vivi
      Posted at 14:32h, 13 January Reply

      You are welcome! Looking forward to your new blog