21 Dec Barcelona: Casa Batlló

20141219 -casabatllo03Today I’m bringing you to visit Casa Batlló – designed and built by the genius architect Antoni Gaudí. The mansion is also known as “House of Bones”. Facade of the building was astonishingly beautiful with lights illuminated at night. With its wavy looking windows and balconies, you might either find it creepy or whimsical like a real scene straight from a child’s storybook. Whether you think the iconic balconies resemble masquerade masks or human skulls, undeniably still a stunning work of art. We had spent roughly 3 hours in this mansion, and found every moment inspirational and enjoyable. The intensity of detailing and imagination were flawlessly executed in his design.

Tickets were purchased in advance so we skipped the line and went straight in. Audio guides were complimentary and available in different languages. Journey has begun here in the grand entrance and foyer. Staircase inspired by spine? or scale? was flowing and inviting you upstairs to the first (noble) floor.20141219 -casabatllo05You would be brought to the main living areas. We were amazed by the intricate wall, ceiling and column details..utterly beautiful everywhere.20141219 -casabatllo08 20141219 -casabatllo07 20141219 -casabatllo09We bumped into a couple taking pre-wedding pictures here. See the assistant in the picture?

20141219 -casabatllo10The light well in the middle of the building had a huge skylight to draw natural light in and the interior was tiled with deep ocean like mosaic tiles. The shades of blue tiles were carefully chosen so they would look indifferent and unified at every angle .  Strongest natural light would hit the top floor and wash out the colour the most. The ground floor would however have minimal light source and lightest colour was used to bounce back more natural light. Therefore the darkest shade of blue was tiled on the top, then the blue shades went lighter and softer down to the ground floor. to give you an illusion the colours were even. It didn’t happen in coincidence, it’s a matter of meticulous calculation.

The glass railings were not only for safety purposes but they were magically used to blur tiles and colours together to make you feel like submerging in a deep blue sea.20141219 -casabatllo0120141219 -casabatllo12On my right were pieces of wood furnitures designed by Gaudí. The double bench he designed for the dining room looked like a single piece but the connecting two seats were facing different direction. The design definitely overrode the common concept of how a bench should look like in a linear shape.

As we progressed to visit all floors and finally reached to the rooftop terrace. The roof was heavily decorated with colourful tiles and looked like a dragon was perching on the top.20141219 -casabatllo1120141219 -casabatllo02Facade was sprinkled with vibrant colours, the building itself looked beyond amazing than a piece of artwork.  We couldn’t bring a true piece of art home, but we could bring this painting back right? While I usually skipped souvenir shopping in major attractions but strangely I enjoyed browsing the shop in Casa Batlló very much and brought this home.20141219 -casabatllo13Tips

As always, purchase tickets in advance and reservation is very flexible. They don’t need you to choose time/date for reservation, just bring your tickets and you can choose to go at any time/any day.

We stayed very close so we got to see this theatrically artistic masterpiece in both day and light. I strongly recommend that you come to see the facade at night as it’s too beautiful to pass up.




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