17 Feb Barcelona: Hisop

20150201 -hisop01Hisop – Michelin starred restaurant tucked in a quiet neighbourhood offers modern Catalan cuisine . Enjoy creative Catalan dishes in the minimalistic dining room. The tasting menu offers 9 courses with a terrific price 59€ (90€ with wine pairing).

20150201 -hisop02Left: Octopus with Lime Right: Cuttlefish with Garlic & Parsley

Both were fantastic -fresh, texture was not chewy but very tender and crunchy. Light and refreshing appetizers to start with.

20150201 -hisop06Grilled Mackerel with Basil & Tomato

I like this dish a lot and probably my favourite of the night. Very simple seasonings but brought together nicely with the fish! Well done!

20150201 -hisop05Asparagus with Tuna & Jabugo

Like the smokey flavour from the grilled asparagus and tuna was super fresh like top sashimi grade.

20150201 -hisop03Left: Fish of the day with Morel & Rocoto Right: Suckling Lamb with Chanterelles & Lavender

Like the suckling lamb, rich flavours and it’s interesting to bring in Lavender. Nonetheless it’s a great dish overall. The fish was alright but not quite memorable.

20150201 -hisop04Left: Pickled Strawberries Right: Blood Orange, Juniper Berry & “Tocinillo”

The desserts were very good and I like the Chef chose to go for a very light approach. They were not creamy and dense. Such a nice way to finish the dinner and you wouldn’t feel it’s overwhelming. The portion of each dish looked kinda small but we were full after the main courses already. We actually skipped the cheese course as we didn’t think we had room for desserts otherwise. All dishes were well executed and extremely FRESH. What I like about this menu the most was everything seasoned lightly to highlight the local sourced ingredients, nothing too fancy but just a modern take to traditional recipes. Friendly service, intimate ambience and great value for a full tasting menu…well deserved for earning 1 star repeatedly.

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