20 Jan Barcelona: Park Güell (II)

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I have told you it’s gonna be a photo essay and you can tell why. We were trying to highlight the beauty of this place as much as possible and it’s hard for me to choose from the tons of pictures we took, they are all postcard materials.

Mosaic Wonderland

First impression of Park Güell was playful and magical, kinda like walking into an amusement park. With so many focal points to draw my attention – mosaic lizard, curved bench, archways, cotton candy and gingerbread gatehouses. not sure where I should start from, everywhere was photogenic and artsy. Gaudi’s design was meant to be inspired by British rose garden but twisted with his iconic design elements – intricate mosaic work and unique shapes. Gaudi collaborated with young architect Josep Maria Jujol to create the stunning work of art “trencadis” (bits and pieces of mosaic shards) in many projects including Park Güell.

The undulating bench with colourful “trencadis” wrapped around the huge terrace overlooking the Barcelona city….no other description but breathtaking!

Confidence is not “they will like me”, confidence is “I’m fine if they don’t”

Gaudi’s imagination in reality might not attract the wealthy residents as planned.  No matter if the aristocrats loved it or not, his wild and ambitious design is recognized and honoured as UNESCO heritage site in 1984.

Tourists arrive by around 10am, come early to avoid crowds.
Purchase tickets online, they would not allow you to get in right away if the time slot/capacity is full.

  • Ada
    Posted at 20:57h, 20 January Reply

    Fantastic photos! These photos are so gorgeous and they captured Gaudi’s work beautifully. I can go back to Barcelona in a heart-beat.

    • vivi
      Posted at 20:39h, 21 January Reply

      Thank you Ada, it’s such magic place! Would love to go back some day!

  • Vanessa
    Posted at 21:55h, 20 January Reply

    Amazing photos!

    • vivi
      Posted at 20:40h, 21 January Reply

      Thank you Vanessa!!!

  • Amy
    Posted at 21:36h, 21 January Reply

    Very nice pic! ….we still not yet visit Barcelona….

    • vivi
      Posted at 20:36h, 22 January Reply

      Your next to go destination!!!!

  • Carmen
    Posted at 03:38h, 22 January Reply

    Nice photo! 真係有包場的感覺, 這樣可以真真正正欣賞整個公園。

    • vivi
      Posted at 20:36h, 22 January Reply


      • Carmen
        Posted at 05:12h, 23 January Reply

        Last time I was there at 0930. We really enjoy a lot in the park and spent few hours there. End up soooo many people around especially the lizard.

        • vivi
          Posted at 11:03h, 23 January Reply

          I know, we saw loads of tourists coming at around 10am, that’s the time it starts to get busy

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