06 Jul Barcelona: Sagrada Família

20150628-sagradafamilia08 20150628-sagradafamilia0120150628-sagradafamilia0420150628-sagradafamilia0520150628-sagradafamilia09 20150628-sagradafamilia10Sagrada Família is undeniably the most spectacular architecture in Spain (perhaps in the world) designed by the ambitious Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. He devoted years of his life and effort to turn his vision of this Basilica into real life.  We came to experience how massive the church and how thoughtful every details were. After visiting so many different churches in Europe, the is the most mind blowing we have ever seen in our lives. We admire the Basilica with the long history, symbolism resonated to mother nature and extremely challenging design being executed in construction, wouldn’t imagine this jaw dropping monument was created by human kind. To summarize my experience in one strong statement: Imagination has no boundaries and has the power to change anything.

Tips: Must come for a visit, and be prepared to stay half day easily. Book your tickets online and avoid lining up on the same day. Recommend to get the audio guide, totally worth it and give you back so much time to admire the place instead of studying guidebook.

**This post closed the last chapter to my travel journal in Barcelona. Stay tuned for my long overdue journals of Provence and Paris.

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