14 Dec Barcelona: Tickets

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I have booked Tickets 2 months in advance and have been looking forward to our epic meal in this Michelin starred restaurant owned by Adrià brothers. Yes…the same owners of the legendary world’s best restaurant – El Bulli.

Tickets is a tapas bar with modern take – prepare to see quite an interesting menu.

We started with the Tempura Pistachios (on the left). Will didn’t appreciate its presentation… which didn’t look freshly made. There’s nothing wrong with the taste ~ quite flavourful, but I wouldn’t order again. (On the right) We got the Joselito’s Iberian Ham. The ham was so yum….succulent and full of flavours, best served with the tomato bread. I liked this combination very much!

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Tickets is not intended to replicate El Bulli but the famous capsulated Olives dish is brought back to the menu. I didn’t get how good can olives be and why everybody rave about this from El Bulli? Before I tell you my thoughts about it, I should let you watch this youtube video first.

20141025 -ticket06An Olive made out of olive

Eat it in one bite and you would be brought to cloud nine. I’m not a molecular gastronomy fanatic, but this tasted really awesome. I’m never a fan of olives, I hate the green grass after taste but this got absolutely zero grass flavour but very intense and pure olive flavour bursted into your mouth. You can tell it’s made of the best olives. This dish had made my day, probably my whole trip!

20141025 -ticket07Manchego Cheese Airbags – another WOW of the night. Interesting flavours (cheese + caviar + hazelnut oil) brought together and exploded right in my mouth. I haven’t tasted anything quite like it before.

20141025 -ticket08Tuna Tartar with Nori Seaweed Mille-Feuille – not quite a memorable dish.

20141025 -ticket011Snow Crab – avocado cannelloni. The couple sitting next to our table liked it so much that they decided to order a second round. I think it’s a pretty good dish. Texture was very creamy and it melted right in your mouth, but the flavour was kinda expected.

20141025 -ticket09Will ordered the tenderloin (200g) as main course. I would typically go for a more adventurous dish but I have to say the way our server brought the steak to us was very entertaining. I was very impressed as the chef came out from kitchen and prepared the steak in front of us. Everyone around us was taking pictures.

20141025 -ticket010The experience was awesome but this piece of meat was wayyyyy over priced.

20141025 -ticket02Celebrity moment – customers were looking at your table and wonder what you ordered.  Lime & Lemon ice cream with meringue on top made fresh right in front of you. It’s a one bite dessert but surprisingly it’s actually very good.

20141025 -ticket012

Another one we tried was a chocolate dessert (can’t remember the exact name) which was decadent and delicious also. The picture didn’t do the justice.20141025 -ticket013

Verdict 8.5/10

The dining experience was fun and casual. You were like in a theatre and food was the magic brought to the show.  I give two thumbs up for their creative dishes and I think they (the Olives!!) made me want to go back next time in Barcelona already. With 2 glasses of cava and friendly service, our bill was about 120€.


  • Vanessa Wang
    Posted at 22:49h, 14 December Reply

    First class tickets!

    • vivi
      Posted at 23:00h, 21 December Reply

      it’s quite an experience and luckily didn’t break our wallet.

  • Carmen
    Posted at 02:33h, 15 December Reply

    it is really a great dining experience. Food is fantastic and the price is attractive too. I hate eating olives myself but my hubby like it so much. He likes olive have a special 牛油咸香 taste that I can’t really feel so.

    • vivi
      Posted at 22:59h, 21 December Reply

      ahaaha..that’s interesting palate, I never thought of olives can taste similar to butter. Tickets is a very relaxed and casual tapas bar, if you would like to try gastronomic fine dining, next door is 41 degrees which is also run by the Adria brothers.

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