03 Nov Basil Lemonade

I have a pot of basil plant at home and Will takes really good care of it. If you are home growing basil like we do, make sure you always trim the leaves and it will continue to grow even stronger and healthier. So what to do with all those trimmed basil leaves? Pasta? Pizza? Curry? These are all fantastic options to consider, but you can also try to add it towards your regular lemonade recipe.

My lemonade recipe is so simple!

2 servings

1. 70ml fresh squeezed lemon juice
2. 400ml tonic or sparkling water
3. Handful of basil leaves
4. Sugar or Agave syrup to your taste

1. Squeeze lemon juice
2. Blend/crush basil leaves into tiny pieces
3. Put basil leaves in a deposable tea bag or strainer
4. Combine lemon juice with tonic or sparkling water
5. Steep your basil tea with liquids. Depends on how strong you wish your lemonade tastes, steeping time may vary.
6. Lastly add agave syrup or sugar to taste. Pour over ice if you wish.

Of course for the leftover basil, I’ll make chicken red curry for dinner. I prefer to buy curry paste instead of pre-made sauce. You have much more control on the spiciness and consistency of the sauce, and the instructions/recipe is usually at the back of the package. You can find them in the Asian seasoning section easily.

Hope you enjoy my quick idea for dinner today!


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