07 Aug Beautiful British Columbia


My blog is not updated for almost a month because I was away and back to Hong Kong for about 10 days in July. If you have followed my Instagram you have probably seen some of the highlights. In the B.C day long weekend we made a spontaneous trip to Whistler and Pemberton, mainly for the Joffre Lake hike.

There’s a reason why our driver’s licence plate says “Beautiful British Columbia” .  3 hour drive from Vancouver would bring us to this stunning lake view with glacier as the backdrop. Some of my friends thought we went to Banff or something.

You can find tons of information about the Joffre Lake trail so I’m not going to talk about facts but more about our experience. I’m not particularly enthusiastic about outdoor activities but the alpine lakes and glacier views just got me into doing this. The hike was about 5-6 hours round trip, I think we finished a bit less than that with lunch and photoshoot break.

Lower lake is only 5 mins away from parking lot and we got to see the turquoise blue water with gorgeous backdrop already. That just motivated us so much to reach to the top and see how the grand finale view looked like.

Since 2014 the trail was repaved and supposed to be more suitable for beginners. The trail overall is still remained intermediate. The next 45 mins uphill was quite challenging, we had to cross through the boulder field and almost non stop incline until we reached middle lake. Middle lake view was very rewarding though, especially when we almost had the whole lake all to yourselves (was there at around 9am). Suggest you taking a short break here before making it up to the upper lake. The last part to upper lake was short (about 30mins) but quite technical with many large rocks, we had to keep balancing our steps and make sure we didn’t step on the crevices. After we reached the Upper Lake, we also hiked around the lake for another 30mins and made our way to the campground. It’s not necessarily to go all the way to campground but we thought we just wanna see how far we could go. Make sure you have food and water with you, upper lake is the perfect place for you to lunch and rest up before going back downhill. Also it’s a bit chilly when we sat there for lunch (at the end you are that close to glacier), bring something warmer to wear.

If you are camping, I believe you can go further uphill and possibly reach the glacier on the summit.

By the time we were almost done and about heading downhill, we saw a truck loads of people coming up. I would suggest you go there very early (we started at 8am).

Going downhill wasn’t any easier than uphill, especially when there were loads of people making their way up. Just be cautious not to trip yourself . Having said that it’s not really a leisure hike, it’s very fun and satisfying. All three lakes are spectacular and trust me the hike is all worth it.

On the way back to Whistler we also stopped by North Arm Farm in Pemberton. Quench a glass of Kombucha on tap and if you still have energy, U- Pick berries are also available in summer.

Day 2 we did an easy hike to Train Wreck in Function Junction. A new suspension bridge has been recently put up and adds more interest to the trail. There’s also a bike trail in parallel and I can see it would be even more fun to mountain bike through instead.

I’d like to hear about your suggestions on what to do in Whistler and Pemberton, please leave me a message below.

長週末我們去了一趟Whistler 和Pemberton,主要為了行山同尋找冰川湖。Joffre Lake離溫哥華約三個小時車程,是BC省數一數二最漂亮的行山徑。全程大約5小時來回,難度屬中度級。沿途會經過三個冰川湖,最後會到達露營營地。第一個冰川湖大約離起點5分鐘,風景已經很漂亮了,你會見到真正的湖水綠,  雖然未見到最靚果個湖,但心情已經非常雀躍了。由第一個湖到第二個湖,過程是最辛苦既,因為一路不停上山,一路上幾乎沒有緩衝平地,仲有要穿過樹根大石頭,足足45分鐘終於到達第二個湖。 小腿無酸軟先奇!


休息完繼續直上第三個湖,其實路程不遠,大概只有半個鐘,不過沿途全部係大石,要好有平衡力先唔容易跌倒,要非常小心,呢段路都係最容易拗柴既一段,不過其實係幾好玩幾好鍛鍊既。 到達第三個湖你已經可以搵地方坐下食埋個午餐,記得要自己帶水帶野食上山,真係方圓幾公里都無野山卡啦架。 再繼續行多20分鐘就會到達營地,果度其實有好多人紮營過夜,不過記得如果你打算0甘做要早些少上去,因為營地得12個左右,滿左你都唔可以隨便搵地方紮架。如果你有爬山經驗,據講其實係上到冰川果部分,我地無爬山裝備,所以就放棄再繼續上山了。



回程我地經過附近一個農場 North Arm Farm,每年Araxi  既Long Table Dinner 就係呢度舉行。平時都可以入黎參觀,買野食買野飲睇下農場小動物,夏天仲可以玩摘果。

第二日就做返D 輕鬆既活動,去左一條新起既吊橋連接火車卡廢墟Train Wreck,都係附近既景點黎。行山入去又得,踩單車都得,全程都係1個鐘到。


  • Devinne S.
    Posted at 17:11h, 17 August Reply

    These photos are so beautiful! I’ve never been to Canada, but these pics are making me want to go!!

    • vivi
      Posted at 21:33h, 18 August Reply

      I’m so happy that you have found my country beautiful and there are still many beautiful places I have yet discovered. Hope one day you decide to come visit

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