20 Nov Brunch at Fairmont Pacific Rim

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Raw bar at Fairmont Pacific Rim has launched a new Japanese fusion brunch menu featuring ocean wise seafood. It’s a 5 course menu with very generous portion. I didn’t have my camera with me but couldn’t stop me from taking tons of  iPhone pictures.  All dishes just looked incredible and photogenic!

First course we got to choose between Torched Wagyu Beef Salad and Red Tuna Tataki. We ordered both to share and we all agreed the Tuna got better flavours than the Beef.  Beef tasted nothing close to Wagyu and the sauce was blend.

Second Course was the Signature Bacon and Sable Miso Soup. The soup was made with Bacon Dashi!!! If you haven’t read about Bacon Dashi, it’s a special technique Chef David Chang from Momofuku adopted from making traditional Katsuobushi Dashi (dried fish shavings) and transformed the recipe for his ramen broth.

It’s much better than any Miso soup that I had before, it’s just how good that was. The smokey flavours and fragrances from the Bacon Dashi elevated a simple bowl of miso soup.  That’s probably my favourite and surprised my palate the most.

Third course was a choice of Wild Salmon Motoyaki “Benny” or Kurobuta Pork Kakuni. They were both good but also quite rich. That could be why I found the Fourth Course Sushi Omasake was too light for my palate. I believe if they switch the Sushi up might work better in terms of the overall flavour transition.

The last course Yakult Shooter was a creative dessert served in oyster shells. It’s a deconstructed version of almond tofu normally served in regular Japanese restaurants.  I didn’t particularly enjoy tofu dessert as much because I much prefer savoury tofu in general. It’s my least favourite item on the menu.

Overall I think the value $42 for a 5 course menu in a gorgeous hotel setting is fair and it’s a nice alternative to afternoon tea. Some of the dishes I really enjoyed and we got to spend 3 hours with great conversations, delicious food and nice ambience.

Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel 個lounge raw bar 新出既brunch menu都幾特別,係日式style。之前先講過話呢邊既brunch 種類好悶,轉頭就發現呢度,所以約埋一班foodie朋友試下。氣氛環境就一流啦,食物質數又如何呢?

首先呢個係5道菜既brunch, 份量非常之充足,去到第三道菜已經好飽啦。我鍾意佢個吞拿魚tataki, 三文魚benny同日式慢煮燉豚肉。個和牛沙律就普通,質感只似一般牛肉,壽司都只係一般,仲有果個唔係生蠔黎架,係用生蠔殼裝住既益力多味杏仁豆腐甜品,呢個我真係好麻麻….

總括$42 有0甘多野食其實都值既,傾足食足3個鐘,唔鍾意食tea呢個係唔錯既alternative。


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