28 Sep Cathay Pacific Pier Lounge

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I’m those type of travellers who tend to enjoy lounge access so much that I would arrive at least 2 hours before my flight departs. When I was travelling back from Hong Kong to Vancouver in summer, I had visited the newly revamped Pier Lounge in HKG designed by Studio Lise.  For those who are interested, there are 4 Cathay Pacific lounges around different gates in HKG and the Pier Business Class Lounge is located around Gate 65.

Take the escalator down and the friendly crew members welcomed me and pointed me to where I could store my luggage. The storage locker was huge that I could fit my entire carry on luggage in and it’s also passcode key locked. Most of the lounges I had been to don’t have key lock facility to store my carry on, they were mostly big enough to store my purse and duty free purchases.

The lounge area had lots of comfortable seating. It was very early when I got there so it’s nearly empty. I walked around and did a tour myself and I had found the lounge was way bigger than I thought. It’s one big long rectangular space and divided into different sections.

It’s normal to have a decent dining area and a bar, but if you walked a little further, there’s actually a noodle bar serving made to order fishball noodles and wontons. By the way, it tasted very good!! It tasted much better than the food I had on the actual CX flight.

Then I walked pass the noodle bar, here came my favourite part – the Tea House. It looked freaking nice and I would pay just to come here for tea. The area was decorated tastefully and it got a good selection of tea leaves to choose from. Tea specialist brought a new pot of freshly brewed Chamomile tea to my table. Small touches like snacks and cookies were also available to pair with my choice of tea.

If you are not a tea person, you can definitely order cappuccino from the espresso bar. Grab a cup of coffee and sit by the window to enjoy the view..like what I did.

AESOP is always their choice of amenities in bathrooms and I have seen them in different airports. But anyway it’s a tasteful choice and I like it. Relaxation room and showers were obviously available and they were at the very far end of the lounge.

I wasn’t sure how that 2 hours of layover went by so quickly but the lounge experience was exceptional. By far one of the best airport lounge experiences I ever had.

If you have been to any airline lounges recently, please tell me which is your favourite one and I would love to hear about it.

今次香港回程返溫哥華搭國泰,同事同我講過記得去下個新裝修既lounge,入閘見到有4個lounge 0甘多,邊個先係啊? 後來發現最近個65號閘口個-玉衡堂-就係啦,當初仲覺得唔好再遠D,行到去根本都唔會再出返去duty free行街。但其實入到去又真係唔出黎行街我都OK沒問題。首先business同first class係唔同入口既,搭自動電梯落去就係business lounge。入到去首先放低行李,佢地既locker成個手提行李都放到架,仲係密碼鎖。大部分我去過都無0甘大仲要可以有得鎖埋,頂多放到手袋0甘。

可能晨早出機場,個lounge都真係好多位坐,環境好闊落。快手巡個圈睇下有0羊食啦,一般粥啊,炒麵,西式野都唔係新奇事,行入D到另外一個用餐區發現到即叫即做魚蛋粉同雲吞面,實在太感動啦。 講真真係幾好食,魚蛋都彈牙架,果餐結果好食過我個飛機餐好多。


當然唔飲茶,外面係有個coffee bar可以現點手工咖啡,都唔錯幾好飲,慢慢坐底欣賞外面風景都幾寫意。


話0甘快2個鐘就過左,連出去行duty free既意欲都無,要知道香港機場都好多野行架嘛 (有間好大既Chanel),結果響lounge HEA到上機為止。 今次係我目前為止去過一個最正既機場lounge,你地又有0羊心水介紹等我都可以見識下呢?

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