21 Aug Ceramics

We often get questions about where do we find inspirations of designing custom homes? One of them is definitely beautiful objects that I come across from time to time.  I would like to share these beautiful objects that I acquire and I hope it may give you ideas on how to decorate your own space.

We had received a very thoughtful gift from our realtor Claire some time ago. She must be reading my mind as I had adored these vintage-inspired porcelain jars for a long time. These silky touch ceramics are created by Heyday Design – a design studio based in Vancouver B.C that specializes in modern porcelain. I love reading the history and background of these little objects. Designer/maker – Claire Madill turned her grandmother’s favourite objects and some of the commonly known glass jars into porcelain version. I love its versatility that I can use them as drinking glass, vase for bouquets or just let it shine on its own. As our design approach is towards juxtaposing contermporary with classic touches and mixing different materials, I definitely think these ceramics suit our style and taste very much. Don’t even mention I’m a sucker for anything says embossing! You will be seeing photoshoot styled with these jars later on my blog for sure. Simply love them and I will try to make every single use of it.

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