11 Sep COS

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I’m so excited that one of my favourite brands – COS is finally going to open their first location in Vancouver. COS is more like an upscale and refined version of H&M, still with a very friendly price tag. Every time I have to stock their basic essentials up from my travels. I love their minimal aesthetic and the cutting is not too boxy.  Just like this shirt dress I’m wearing, it got the high low details and the cut still defines my waist nicely. The first Vancouver location will be opened in the historical Gastown, right on Water St. The official date has not been announced yet and for sure they are going to open in Fall/Winter 2016.

Have you been trying any of the COS items and let me know how do you like them?

Shirt Dress by COS

Bag by A.P.C

我一直好鍾意COS呢個牌子,簡約得黎容易襯衫,有型得黎容易carry, 最重要係#唔貴,quality又比佢既老闆H&M好。好似著緊呢條白色裙,質感好好,而且唔係鬆身到0羊都遮晒,好fit我既身型。

所以每次去trip我都會買一堆返黎。好不容易等到佢肯響溫哥華開鋪,開心死我啦!!選址係Gastown Water St, ,雖然仲係裝修中,但肯定就今個冬天黎之前會開張,非常期待!


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