24 Jul Côte d’Azur


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Eze20150717-menton02We picked up the rental car from Nice in the morning and hit the road to cruise along Côte d’Azur (French Riviera). The first town we passed by was Eze – beautifully sat above hilltop, also where the Michelin starred restaurant La Chevre D’or called it home. I decided to skip Eze and go straight to Monaco and Menton. Fill me what we missed in this lovely hill town, I’m sure it’s gorgeous.

We then made our first stop in Monaco. We briefly made a quick tour around Monte Carlo and immediately associated scenes to the  James Bond movie – Casino Royale.  Everything was so polished and upscale. People watching was cool, imagine an elegant French lady wearing a couture hat and Hermes Kelly with 2 bodyguards were heading out from Hotel De Paris.  Quick tip if you only plan to stay for taking a few pictures around the Casino, the first hour of the underground parking is free.

Next was to experience driving through the famous Hairpin street circuit of Formula One. Ouch, maybe we should have rent a Ferrari….no kidding that you can get this ultimate driving experience starting from $170 USD per person.

I was ready to turn on my iPhone GPS again and set my next destination to the Prince Palace. Chaos began as the GPS lost signal when we hit the tunnel….doomed…we were stuck and brought to wrong exit for at least 4 times and spent the next 30 minutes getting lost in Monaco.  I was almost freak out then Will said hey….”have you realized this car comes with a GPS?”….damn I had no clue as I didn’t ask for a GPS vehicle nor pay for additional GPS service. Anyhow we turned it on right away and ditched my iPhone Tom Tom for rest of the trip. Been there done that, snap a few pictures…then we were heading to the next place that I always long for.

Menton is somewhere I had dreamt to go, a small but charming village with colourful houses, very similar to Cinque Terre in Italy. In fact Italy is just around the corner, you can walk to the border if you would like to set foot in Italy.

We found a spot to sit, admire the vibrant scene and wait until overcast so we could snap a few pictures without direct harsh light. We then walked back to the village and witnessed an Italian wedding in a church. It was so beautiful and definitely my dream wedding….well it’s too late now as we got married years ago. Kept walking up the path and passed by the lovely homes…. it was a very hot day and many houses left their doors open for cool air circulation, we saw families preparing dinner in the kitchen and wow they all shared a stunning view overlooking Mediterranean sea. When we almost reached to the top, I saw a cemetery at the end, I was ready to head my way back as it’s quite creepy. A very nice Italian papa pop up from nowhere..and told us (in body language of course) to keep going up….. umm okay….we’d get there and see.

Just around the corner..Woah…I didn’t expect the view could be this nice. Been there seen the frontage of the houses before and here we were on top of the hill overlooking the sea and orange roofs.

Not sure how long we have sat there simply taking the ocean breeze and sun, life’s beyond good at that moment. Walked slowly back to the main strip with full of shops selling souvenirs, limoncello, linens etc.. We spent rest of the evening to picnic on the beach with juicy rotisserie chicken and salad, a sweet ending to our fabulous day trip of Côte d’Azur.




  • Carmen
    Posted at 23:04h, 24 July Reply

    OMG! You have the same experience like us in Monaco. I didn’t found the way to Prince Palace and it seem it was blocked. Somehow I got lost on the highway too.

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