25 Jan Dine Out Vancouver Round 2

Dine Out Vancouver has officially started on last Friday and how’s everyone’s experience on the first week of Dine Out so far?

I had the chance to try two very different dine outs last week – first was casual comfort food from Gyoza Bar and second was fine cuisine at Four Seasons Vancouver. They both delivered consistent quality in both taste and presentation on their dine outs. Check out all these pictures …I bet they can do the justice.

Gyoza Bar

Gyoza Bar 3 course dine out dinner menu ($20) is very good in value which includes their house favourites like Free Range Chicken Ramen, Ebi Fritter Curry and of course the Gyoza dishes. My favourite is the Crispy Beef Gyoza with Kale and Quinoa Salad. It got that layers of crunchiness from the deep fried gyoza skin and kale …the spicy miso sauce also added that punch of flavours to the dish. However, the star of the night was their dessert –  Mason Jar Rice Pudding. It’s so creamy but not heavy, tasted somewhat similar to Mango Pudding but more refreshing. I know it’s hard to believe you can get such a decadent dessert at a Ramen Gyoza place but it’s just sooo good, especially for those who just don’t have sweet tooth particularly, this is something just right to refresh your palate and you wouldn’t want to finish the last bite.

If you work in downtown you can also try their lunch dine out menu ($18.5). It is slightly different but again I love how they pick customer’s favourites like spicy tuna bowl from their menu. The lunch set was so beautiful and the best part was the soft boiled egg on top!! Perfect semi cooked egg yolk and it blended so well with the tuna. Raw tuna was finely chopped like Negitoro style, so don’t expect it tastes similar to poke bowl. I like it still but I know it might not be everyone’s preference.

Yew Seafood+Bar at Four Seasons

Yew’s dine out menu ($40) has brought classics like lobster bisque, albacore tuna, grilled beef and sablefish. Also you can do extras like adding half lobster or scallops on the main course. It seems the menu is more on the safe side but in my opinion good dine out is to incorporate the restaurant’s signature dishes with consistency no matter how busy the kitchen gets around this time of year..I believe the team at Yew totally achieve the standard. My favourite dish of the night was Pan Fried Sablefish soaked in foamy Bouillabaisse broth and topped with coconut flakes. Fish was perfectly cooked with a nice golden crust, simply this main course was a wonderful harmony of textures and flavours. It’s also a nice surprise when sablefish is not miso baked! Wine pairing is available and also their cocktails are very good… I would love to return and try a few different drinks next time.

Dine Out Vancouver Festival runs from Jan 20 – Feb 5 and for more details go check out their website http://www.dineoutvancouver.com/

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