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Today I have picked Café Ça Va to be featured on the 2nd episode of best designed restaurants in Vancouver. Back track a little if you miss my first episode, you can go check it out here. The reason I start this series because my husband and I enjoy having date night together and we love document all the cute places we go in the city. I find there wasn’t too much information when it comes to restaurant interiors focused kind of food reviews. I hope to curate a list of best designed restaurants to help you narrow down choices to suit your needs.

Café Ça Va is on my radar for a while because of the lovely French style patio and interiors. It recently won the Best North Shore restaurant from Vancouver Magazine and it’s time to drag my husband over the bridge to West Vancouver to finally give this place a try. The restaurant is beautiful with gorgeous dark navy blue millwork, oversized chandeliers, Louis XVI chairs and tufted leather banquette. With the Parisian music playing in the background, the ambience is perfect for a date night indeed.

Every Sunday they do a special set dinner menu and we had the Mussels and Fries 3 course menu ($40). For starter we got to choose between Gazpacho or Green Salad. For main they gave us 3 different flavours of Mussels to choose from, the white wine & cream, tomato based with chorizo and curry flavoured. Lastly desserts we could choose between Hazelnut Chocolate Cake or Crème brûlée.

We both quite enjoyed the cold Gazpacho soup, I wasn’t sure what ingredients exactly were in the soup. It’s rich and creamy, but the flavours from beets were quite overpowering as I didn’t taste much of tomatoes. Nevertheless it’s quite tasty but just not the typical Gazpacho I have in mind.

Mussels and Fries were seasoned well but maybe it’s not the perfect season for shellfish, mussels were not plumped and juicy. We could hardly find much meat from the shells. If it’s supposed to be the Sunday’s feature, we definitely expected a lot more. We saw other tables ordering from a different daily menu (Table D’Hote) and it seems their Chicken main course looked more promising.

Their desserts were very good and I loved their Crème brûlée, probably one of the best I had in Vancouver. The sugar was perfectly caramelized and the custard was creamy but not overly sweet. The Hazelnut Chocolate Cake tasted good and I loved the rich hazelnut mousse on top, just the cake texture was slightly too dense.

I would love to return for a second visit in the future as I have high hopes in Chef Rayé’s team and management. The place is so cute and beautiful….we both felt like we were in Paris in a heart beat.  I think it just needs a bit of improvement to make sure quality is consistent.

Café Ça Va
Address: 1860 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC V7V 1J6
Tel:(604) 925-2503

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