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I had the chance to try out the new Spring menu from Royal Dinette created by their new executive chef Alden Ong. They have won the Vancouver Magazine award of Best Pacific Northwest in 2017 and Best New Restaurant in 2016.  I’m eager to find out what the new chef can bring to the widely acclaimed restaurant success.. is it a Vancity hype or kind of restaurant I would recommend to my foodie friends.

The restaurant is created by the owner and chef of Farmer’s Apprentice so the menu is based on farm to table concept. To be honest I’m not a big fan of farm to table dishes as I had a disappointing tasting menu from Farmer’s Apprentice in the past.

I love restaurants with well thought design and I love the open dining room designed by Beyond Beige upon walking in, so classy with the quilted banquette,  marble countertops, tiled floors and brass accents. I would bring my friends for drinks just because of the glam vintage vibe. And yes their cocktails and mocktail (the most beautiful lemonade with butterfly pea flower juice) were amazing. At this point I know I totally buy into the idea of having happy hour here.

We had a few sharing plates and my favourites were the fresh made pasta in house.

Mushroom Tortellini, Cacio e Pepe – incredibly earthy and creamy, it’s meant for sharing but I wouldn’t mind having all myself.

Tagliatelle, Pork Shoulder, Mapo Ragu, Szechuan Peppercorn, Togarashi – my favourite of the night, maybe the Szechuan peppercorn did the trick, the dish was really addicting with the kick and complexity of flavours.

I have spoiled by the best duck & waffle dish at Duck & Waffle (see my review) in London and the version from Royal Dinette did not meet my expectation. The duck confit was tough and probably overcooked, waffle was alright but I didn’t find it complimenting. The dish lacks of a sauce or a binding ingredient to pull the duck and waffle together.

Desserts were interesting, not something I would have before. I like the chef’s creativity to make something unusual for our palate, even though the taste may not for everyone. But I’m impressed …to me it doesn’t matter if the desserts are perfectly tailored to my taste….I like being food adventurous and don’t wanna stick to chocolate cakes all the time.

Sorrel Yogurt Ice Cream, Preserved Berries, Almond, Fig Leaf

Burnt & Smoked Honey, Sparkling Wine Sorbet, Aged Cheese, Fermented Pear


Overall I do have mixed feelings about the menu but I believe it’s worth a try.. If you are not adventurous foodies, go for their house made pasta and you won’t get disappointed.

Royal Dinette

Address: 905 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1A8


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