20 Mar First Day of Spring

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Hello first day of Spring! My Facebook and Instagram feed are swamped with gorgeous cherry blossom pictures and I have not yet taken one this year. First of all I have a thing with avoiding human traffic as much as possible. I’m basically hiding away from all the top 10 cherry blossom spots in Vancouver if possible. Finding a new location for photoshoot isn’t easy and sometimes either there are cars blocking my frame or blossoms not fully blooming..

While I’m almost giving up, we drive by the neighbourhood and find the most perfect setting….zero traffic with beautiful cherry blossom drapes.

Rain can’t stop me from capturing this beauty and it gives the surrealistic feeling of the pictures…


First Day of Spring Outfit

Jacket: H&M (50% off now)

Trousers: Oak & Fort

Hat: Topshop

Shoes: Valentino

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