12 Apr Garden Rose

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I found these enchanting Garden Roses in Whole Foods for $7 a bunch. They are absolutely stunning. Thank you Whole Foods for bringing an amazing collection of various Spring blooms at a very reasonable price, you know how pricey these garden roses can be. I hand tied them and simply arrange them in the white porcelain vase. Obviously I don’t have that many vases to play around with, I figure out I can reuse some items I have and dress up my minimal looking vase.

The first variation is to wrap the vase with Twilly. The colours pop instantly and the bouquet is getting very lady-like. It goes very well with the delicate garden roses. I know some of you have a huge collection of Hermès twillys, you can interchange with twillys of different colours/patterns and your vase will just be very unique to the season and tailor to your taste.


The second variation is to put your entire arrangement in a nice packaging box. You may recognize this is a Jo Malone box. I always adore this lovely box and re-purpose it to store my tiny accessories or stationaries. By placing the arrangement in the box and fill up with confetti/petals/ribbons/tiny candle/tissue paper, you are getting a larger scale arrangement.  Tie with a string or in my case I just reuse whatever the florist wrapped my bouquet with, my arrangement looks more interesting and exuberant.

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