09 Feb Gift Guide | Valentine’s Limited Edition 2017

With only 5 days away from Valentine’s Day,  I know it can be stressful to find the last minute perfect gift for your love. Sending flowers is always a great idea but how about these small but limited edition gifts for your Valentine? It’s not just a curated list of items that I think they look nice on magazine. In fact I have tested and tried them all below and think they are beautiful gift ideas. Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy them too.


In this Valentine’s Ladurée has launched a limited edition box with voice message recording!! It comes with a recording device that you can create a personalized love message for up to 15 seconds. You are going to impress your love with this hidden surprise. The design is minimal but thoughtful.

The pink heart shape macaron key chain is also part of the Valentine’s limited edition. It looks so delicate with the Swarovski crystals and different from the original collection of macarons trio… sure it’s going to be a collectible.

1141 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1B5
Open hours: 10AM–9PM

Beta 5 

Specifically for Vancouverites, Beta 5 has a new pop up store on Cambie and W17th Ave from Feb 1 – 14. Don’t forget to check out their limited chocolates (my favourite is the sparkling raspberry), and their limited cream puffs in strawberry and jasmine tea flavours. Crème de la crème with a mini macaron on top.. Absolutely delectable!

3345 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC
Open hours: 12PM–7PM


Every year Diptyque has a tradition to create a limited Rose candle. Partnering with Antoinette Poisson, creator and restorer of domino paper, this year they are bringing back Rosamundi in a new pistachio pink blossom packaging. Smells floral-y with fruity notes of blackcurrant and lychee, but not too powdery… of course it looks incredible with floral motif! Trust me it’s like Marie Antoinette style, not the typical Grandma’s kind of rose fragrance.


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