24 Jul Happy Anniversary | Miku

9 years ago we tied the knot and time just flies much faster than I thought, we are married and survived each other for almost a decade! How did that happen? I don’t want to sugar coat our marriage and the beginning was kinda rough that I had to adjust my lifestyle to compromise with Will and his family. 9 years were gone by… this guy now can tell exactly what’s on my mind sometimes and I don’t even need to say it out what I want from him. Sometimes I feel like I’m not a caring partner to Will. I’m still that clumsy careless person who tends to do silly things, forget or leave little things behind. He is the one who cares me the most and adjusts to my lifestyle at the end. Being my Instagram husband is one of them. I take care very little of our household nowadays and spent probably too much time on curating my social media content and he never complained about it. Instead he supported me in many ways and motivated me to work towards my dream. I’m no where even close to my dream of being a full time travel creative blogger, but I will always remember this journey we went together.

Love is when he made me to use his camera and laptop way more than he would and I made him into a foodie and cat person….FAIR. Anyway food is indeed a big part of my life and not only just because of the taste that makes me happy, it’s about the entire dining experience can make some awesome memories that I would always remember in many many years.

For our anniversary dinner we chose to dine in Miku because the restaurant manages to strike a balance of great ambience with a waterfront view, friendly service, varieties on the menu and wow factor in presentation.

The seasonal Kaisen Kaiseki  ($88 pp) features a six course menu.

Amuse Bouche Duo
Chef’s choice of Sashimi

Trio of seafood appetizers served in a stunning Japanese ceramic “sphere”
Fresh Oysters & Prawn Cocktails
Kyoto Saikyo Miso Baked Sablefish
Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallop

AAA Sterling Silver Filet Mignon

Chef’s selection of Aburi Sushi x 6

Feature Dessert

My favourite was the sashimi and the Kaiseki style of seafood trio. No doubt that the sashimi was ocean fresh quality and the hamachi was so full of flavours.  The seafood trio looked stunning when it brought to the table, and each individual plate was equally delicious. I love this menu incorporates many of Miku’s signatures and I don’t need to think about missing out a popular dish that I want to try. I think this is a great option for foodies out there who want to sample a great variety of menu items. The staff there also gave us a little surprise in our desserts that we were very appreciated with the personal touches. We left with a full and satisfying stomach and enjoyed every single moment in the dinner.

If you are also going on a date night, make sure you request a view table overlooking the water, I’m pretty sure your date will be impressed by your choice and arrangement. Let me know what you think about this restaurant and if you have a favourite date night restaurant, please let me know in the comment section.

Miku Vancouver
Address: 200 Granville St #70, Vancouver, BC V6C 1S4
Tel: 604-568-3900

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