17 Apr Hermès Route 24

Happy Spring everyone!

I have recently picked up a shawl that I really love and have to do a post just out from it. The Hermes Route 24 – in fact you probably can’t tell it’s actually for Men. I got intrigued by the monochromatic classic pattern when the Sales brought it out from the shelf. I always love the feel and look of their signature cashmere & silk 140 scarf, it’s so silky smooth and warm. This version I picked up is the wool & silk version, size is the same but it’s 70% wool and 30% silk. If you compare both side by side you can feel the texture is slightly more rough on the wool version. To me the touch of wool is acceptable. Overall the drape is pretty much similar to a regular cashmere 140 scarf and they are both equally warm. The big bonus on getting the wool version instead is the couple hundred bucks difference. That’s like 25% off !!!!

Since the pattern is so versatile and fabric is super light, it makes such a great tran-seasonal piece for Vancouver weather. For sure it’s investment piece but this totally worths breaking my wallet as it lasts for many many years and it’s never going to be out of style.

If you are not ready to pull the trigger and get a brand new H Scarf, do check out Real Real for some great conditioned ones and you may be able to find some awesome deals. Gucci and Alexander McQueen also made some great looking silk/wool shawls that worth check out too!

Don’t get intimidated by a high end accessory item, I complete this look with pieces from Forever 21 and Zara, a great investment accessory can uplift your total look effortlessly.


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