26 Oct Holiday Party at Yew Four Seasons

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Kick start my Christmas countdown with the Holiday Party Preview at Yew Seafood + Bar in Four Seasons Vancouver. It is never too early to talk about Christmas (only 59 days left), especially when planning a dinner party can take a lot more effort and time than you think sometimes. If you are looking for ideas about where to go for your holiday dinner, this might be a great option for you. The private dining room at Yew can sit 8-10 guests comfortably. The room is walled by a tall glass wine cellar. The dark colour palette makes the ambience classy and easy to go with vibrant festive decor.

Now let’s get to the food part! The new executive Chef Weimer Gomez brought to us a 5 course seasonal menu.

We started with Amuse Bouche Oyster – Green Apple, Wasabi Jelly, Champagne Granite. It’s succulent and refreshing. Great compliment of textures and flavours bursted in my mouth. It paired well with Pol Roger Brut Champagne.

Then onto 1st course –  Dungeness Crab Mille-Feuille with spicy avocado and herbs. The crunchiness added so much interests to the dish. I really love the layers of soft crab meat and crunchy thin bread blended together.

Second appetizer we had Pan Roasted Sea Scallops – morel mushrooms, green peas, pearl onions. Paired with Davis Bynum River West Vineyard, California 2013. Scallops cooked perfectly – crispy outside and so tender inside. The picture can do its justice!

Speaking of that, I think by just looking at the picture of the main course – Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Black Truffle, Salsify, Perigòrd ….you can tell the beef was executed in perfection. Couldn’t taste much from the black truffle but the meat was very high quality.  I still think the dish was great with the wine choice – Foxtriot Ericsson Vineyard Pinot Noir, Okanagan BC 2009.

For dessert, Executive Pastry Chef Mark Burton created us the Orange Chocolate Caramel – orange chocolate brownie, salted caramel, orange blossom pastry cream. Imagine a sophisticated version of Jacob’s club orange biscuits LOL…not overly sweet and citrusy orange blossom complimented well with the gooey salted caramel.

In case you are interested in making a reservation for your holiday event, Yew Seafood + Bar will launch this new menu in November 1 and I know the items we tried are only part of the new menu. The lobster Fricassee is another feature I would love to try on my own.

Comment below if you like this post and if you have any Christmas plan already! Thanks for reading.


其實仲有唔夠兩個月就到聖誕,大家開始籌備聖誕party未呢? 四季酒店Yew Seafood + Bar 率先11月就會推出聖誕新菜單。難得機會可以試下佢地新總廚 Chef Weimer Gomez設計既新菜色,每一道菜都精心配上唔同餐酒。響0咁靚既wine room用膳,可以想像到響呢度搞聖誕聚餐好有氣氛啊。

第一道菜 - 生蠔配青蘋果,青芥末果凍,香檳冰沙。呢道係我最鍾意既,本身生蠔已經好新鮮,配搭香檳冰沙入口好清新好夾,底層既果凍吸收埋生蠔海水鮮味,一口就食完但味道口感都非常豐富。配上Pol Roger 香檳當然一絕。

之後到香草鮮蟹肉千層派配辣牛油果。 鍾意食落蟹肉夠多牛油果唔漏,一片片薄脆平衡整道菜既口感,又脆又軟滑。同香檳又係絕配。

另一道頭盆係香煎帶子配羊肚菌,睇個樣就知道煎得剛剛熟,外脆內軟,非常鮮味。配埋白酒Davis Bynum River West Vineyard, California 2013。

主菜係烤黑松露牛柳,睇相都估到好食,而且一切就開,入口一0的都唔韌,雖然黑松露香味稍遜,不過牛柳肉質的確好好,配紅酒Foxtriot Ericsson Vineyard Pinot Noir, Okanagan BC 2009 確係提升整道菜既美味。

最後上甜品 -海鹽焦糖橙花朱古力蛋糕。味道似高貴版Jacob朱古力橙餅。口味唔算太甜,橙既酸味中和左焦糖本身既厚重感。

睇完介紹如果打算訂檯,提議最好一班8-10個朋友一齊去咁就可以訂埋wine room, 呢個party夠晒私人同氣派!

  • Carmen
    Posted at 02:40h, 18 November Reply

    It really look delicious. If HK have such a good place to have christmas dinner, I would definitely go for it.

    • vivi
      Posted at 16:13h, 19 November Reply

      There are many more nice restaurants in Hong Kong!!! I really enjoy the feast in HK Four Seasons too!!

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