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I rarely splurge on home fragrances but I can’t resist getting this set of Diptyque candles from Nordstrom Annual Sale.  The set comes in a very pretty black box with my favourite scent Tuberose, another interesting scent Feu de Bois plus the luxurious wick trimmer and snuffer.

Even now I’m living temporarily in an old house waiting for the big remodel, I still would like to enjoy every moment and make myself feel like home as much as possible. Home fragrances can do the magic and uplift the ambience of any space.

To me personally Tuberose has a very powdery floral note – soft, feminine and elegant. I would put it in my powder room, dressing room or master bedroom. Feu De Bois smells exactly like wood burning fireplace! This is so awesome and it will be my winter favourite. It gives me feeling of warmth and reminds me of Christmas.

You don’t even need to burn it to enjoy the candle. I just put it around my room or closet and they make my space smells divine. This set can last me for a very long time.  However, I can’t wait to burn them to the bottom then recycle the glass jars and turn them into some display containers for toiletries and stationeries.

20140804- Diptyque 1

Other Great Options

Of course you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on great candles, I love to shop for candles in Chapters and they have a pretty nice selection also.  Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy series is also nice and affordable as well.

see my other picks Voluspa French Cade and Lavender , Voluspa Champagne Rose, Pomelo & Sea Salt, Nest Wasabi & Pear, Rewined Rose

Better value and multi-purpose

No matter which home scent you go for, I always prefer candles over diffusers. It lasts much much longer and I like the idea you can always choose to recycle empty jars for some other purposes.  Don’t ever hide your candles in the drawers, arrange them casually on your entry table or coffee/end table,  you have a better chic looking space instantly.


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