13 Oct Hong Kong | Wan Chai

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I still remember when I was very young my mom used to bring me to my Dad’s office in Wan Chai and we would go dim sum together. It’s my very precious memory since childhood and no matter how much the area has changed in years gone by, I can tell I’m still connected to the surroundings.

My brother Eric was with me this time in Hong Kong and I kinda dragged him to Wan Chai to get some rose gelato with me before lunch on a 35°C hot summer day. The place was not opened until noon so we just strolled around the neighbourhood. Surprisingly the whole area is now becoming a new trendy shopping strip. Lots of cool boutique shops around and instantly I spotted Omotesando Koffee. I was getting too hyper, not sure if it’s because of caffeine from the HK style milk tea I had for breakfast , but anyway I told Eric we gotta try this place. Omotesando Koffee is originated from Tokyo but now they relocated to Hong Kong. I fall for the interiors and the aesthetics right away…everything from materials to the overall design of the cafe. Not overly done and too minimalistic, it still got some nice wood panelling to juxtapose the cool concrete wall finish. I ordered an iced Banana Latte which tasted more like a sophisticated version of Frappucino. Normally I don’t order flavoured coffee but I just really wanted to find out how Japanese barista would create special coffee recipe. Also I could imagine that would seem like that special drink a barista would do in an international barista competition. It got that refined taste and look …the price was high ($60 hkd) = $10 cad in my opinion but I do think the overall experience was well worth it.

Right after my caffeine fix we did try Givres for the Rose Gelato. I wasn’t sure I liked it. The rose gelato was decent and my brother really liked the passion fruit flavour as well. But I didn’t understand why they chose some very low quality cones to go with the gelato. It just tasted like cardboard…totally ruined the whole thing and for a dessert at ($60 hkd) = $10 cad, sorry I wouldn’t recommend this place. We had Amorino (also serves Rose style gelato) couple times before and they are way better in value and selection.

Down the aisle, I also wanted to try big Japanese brand Calbee Plus so badly for the famous fresh made to order chips. We were too full and we could only save for next time.

If you are the ones like exploring cool boutique shops and cafes like me, next time in Hong Kong I suggest you to check out Lee Tung Avenue in Wan Chai.

Omotesando Koffee
Shop no24-25,G/F.,Lee Tung Avenue,No.200 Queen’s Road East,Wanchai,HK

Shop G38 200 Queens Road, Lee Tung St, East Point, Hong Kong

Calbee Plus
G14-15 Lee Tung Ave, 200 Queens Rd E, Wan Chai

#下一站香港???????? 喜帖街變身表參道

既熟悉又陌生,以前我爸爸公司就係響灣仔,得閒媽咪就會帶我去探班,同埋我地會去合和飲茶,呢D童年記憶一直都保留住。相隔0甘耐無返香港,好多野係唔同左,但條街都仲係皇后大道東架嘛,我都唔會蕩失路既。晨早流流我同細佬講我響去利東街附近食玫瑰雪糕,因為太早都未開,一路行原來果度變得好鬼靚啊,以前利東街就係喜帖街黎架嘛,原來已經變左條潮鋪街,間間鋪我都想入去行下。行下行下竟然見到間日本咖啡店Omotesando Koffee,拿拿臨拉左我細佬入去,其實果朝已經飲左奶茶,但我一定要試下呢度既咖啡。首先唔講咖啡好唔好飲,個環境我超鐘意,我仲即刻影比我老公睇, 呢D style我好想融入我地將來間屋到,佢既設計簡約得黎唔係無野睇果種,個木板panelling細節同材料運用我都好喜歡,基本上唔使咖啡因都令到我high晒。講返杯咖啡,我叫左特色既香蕉凍咖啡,因為北美真係除左Starbucks其實唔流行呢D特色咖啡,個味道係唔錯既,雖然似甜品多過咖啡,但口味幾創新。但如果你介意價錢既話,我想講返呢杯咖啡係好貴下 $60 hkd, 大約$10 cad, 足足貴呢邊既特色cafe一倍0甘多。但我覺得個環境好正,或者當時無0羊人,坐得都幾舒服,而且自我聯想平時專業咖啡師比賽要整既自創咖啡飲品就係類似呢種0甘,所以都無0羊所謂啦,我個杯仲係老闆整架。

反而之後我又拉我細佬去Givres食玫瑰雪糕,我細佬話好食,我覺得個雪糕味道OK,玫瑰味道係好食,造型都慢慢有心機整得靚, 但個cone想點啊,用最平最差果款紙皮質感咁既cone,好難食啊,呢$60 hkd 我覺得好唔值。

之後其實我仲想試埋人龍店卡樂B即炸薯條,但之後我地約左屋企人食lunch, 所以唯有放棄,再繼續掃街睇怕嚇親我細佬添啊。

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