04 Jul Easy steps to throw an Instagram Worthy Picnic

Summer is fast approaching and with it comes more opportunities to invite friends & family to have more fun in the sun.  Picnic is one of my favourite gathering activities in summer, and I always have so much fun to bring my friends & family together with delicious food & drinks and lively conversations. I also love picnic can be no limit, I can bring almost anything I want to make sure there’s always something for everyone.  Brought to you by Boursin Canada – delicious cheese made with 100% Canadian milk, we have made another dream picnic came true to life and this time I’m going to share some tips and lessons learned to set up an Instagrammable picnic that you are going to wow everyone in real life and on social media.

Get that #TravelVibe going!

Picnic is not only an alternative to a typical sit down meal, to me it’s almost like a micro getaway from the city. I always opt for a location that makes you feel like you are travelling somewhere else. Take this location as example, we are at Iona Beach Park, about 10mins away from the Vancouver Airport. I know it’s hard to believe it’s in the centre of  a city, and with a short drive, it takes you to a completely different scene that almost like Italian countryside. This costs you almost nothing but only a bit time to search over Internet to find a photogenic location that instantly elevates your summer picnic. You can also check out my last year’s location at Deering Island Park, easy access with a fantastic water view!

#Props to tell the story!

If you want to achieve that Pinterest looking picnic, bringing the cohesive looking props is the key. I usually set the colour tone first, then start gathering cutlery, linens, plates with similar tones. You can create a list and ask your friends to participate in bringing those tableware too. I feel that you don’t have to fuss too much about the fine details as long as the colours are cohesive. I pick a taupe blushy tone this time, it gives a neutral canvas to show off those colourful fruits, cheese and charcuterie board. Many others love white tablecloth but in reality they get dirty easily and often over-exposed on the camera. I find it’s hard to manage to get the right exposure especially on a super bright sunny day, and you may have to post edit a lot to get rid of the stain and adjust the white balance.

If you have those wooden trays sitting at your living room, bring them with you also, they give a flat even surface for your food and drinks to sit on. You have no idea sometimes the ground can be so uneven that can take a long time to just balance and make your wine glasses stand properly on the spot. Trust me your flatlay shot will be so much easier to take and look way more professional. Another tip to enhance that vibe is to bring in straw baskets, bags, hats…anything you can think of that’s made with straw.  Straw baskets are also practical to store linen, cutlery and glassware, not only for photos. Finally all you need is some fresh flowers in season casually dressing up the spot, then you are almost ready to go get that Instagrammable shot! Then it comes to the most important part, FOOD to pack!

#OneBite Food, easy to prepare!

Don’t get overwhelmed and stressed about assembling sandwiches or making salads beforehand. Your guests probably have preferences over certain types of food so what I normally would do is just to wash, cut and store a great variety of veggie & fruits separately in ziplock bags that you can prepare ahead, bring in some cheese and cured meats along with baguettes & crackers. Keep it simple and casually spread them out on the plates and cheeseboards, just let your guests have fun and create whatever way of one bites they want. I personally like to add a spoonful of Boursin Shallot & Chive on my veggie sticks. The cheese with herbs brings out so much flavours and adds a rich creamy texture to the fresh crunchy veggies. My friend Heather likes to spread a generous amount of Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs on sea salt crackers, top with prosciutto slices and cherry tomatoes. A perfect balance of savoury and sweetness. It’s fun to see how your guests come up with their own one bite recipes, and give you so much photo opportunities to capture the candid moments of your guests and foodporn shots. For desserts, mini tarts or macarons will be my recommendations, no hassle to worry about making a mess of cutting (imagine if you bring a cake) and they give very nice colour contrast to the table spread.

Now all you need is to connect with your friends & family, find the right time and follow my tips to make this picture perfect summer picnic happen! You can also check out my 6 simple tips to throw a chic picnic last year, and I hope they are helpful not only to get you that Instagram shot but to have an awesome time, share all those interesting conversations and have a delicious feast with your loved ones!


  • Carmen
    Posted at 22:22h, 06 July Reply

    Beautiful setup and I really wanna have this fun in HK too. But it is impossible btw.

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