20 Jan iPhone Portrait Mode

Today I’m sharing my experience taken pictures with the new portrait mode from iPhone 7+. My girlfriend was kind enough to let me take pictures with her new phone and I was going to share that you don’t need to use portrait mode for portraits only. You can use it for taking your daily #foodporn or object shots. All these shots were taken with portrait mode and unlike a DSLR there is no option for you to adjust the aperture, it just works like a point and shoot. First you go to camera, swipe to portrait mode on the right. Next, make sure you focus on the object, the setting might force you to move further away, then just click as if you take a regular shot. It will give you 2 pictures (one with after effect with blurring background and one without). It works quite well with natural light (see image above) and even the edge of the dish looks a bit too defined from my opinion, I think it would work very well to use this image on social media.

The above 2 images were taken under fluorescent and low light. The ISO setting is pretty much fixed that I couldn’t adjust, they did turn out very grainy especially on the 3rd image of Korean hot plate. But again if you are primarily sharing pictures on social media, I think with a quick scroll and glimpse, your audience may not be able to tell too much difference from a mirrorless camera.

Overall I have to say I like the feature because I can do some bokeh shots that I would never be able to do without a DSLR on my hand. The convenience is everything and I don’t have to force doing top down shots all the time.

I get asked all the time what kind of app I use for food pictures.

All my pictures are shot on the iPhone camera and I process them with VSCO app or Lightroom app afterwards.  I use VSCO for filters and Lightroom to correct brightness and contrast. I DO NOT use any food camera app or any food setting!! I process every picture with different settings depends on the lighting and the reason why is I can have full control on the exposure and saturation. I find most food mode or app are overly saturated in colours and that’s just not my preference. But I understand it’s too easy to use and the image looks a lot more vibrant and eye catchy.  I strongly suggest you add filters after the shot instead of taking pictures with presets. Most photo apps allows you to adjust filter intensity. At the end as long as you try sticking to one filter and that will define your style eventually.

If you have an iPhone 7+, please let me know if you have tried the portrait mode and how you like it so far?

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