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I normally don’t do blog posts with iPhone pictures. However from my recent travelogue about Hong Kong, pictures were all from my iPhone as I didn’t have DSLR with me. For this restaurant review, I wasn’t planning to do a blog post at the beginning but I want to document this restaurant in details. So please bear with my pictures quality and hope this review will turn out.

Kissa Tanto is probably the most new hip restaurant in Vancouver. Given there are so many fusion style restaurants in the city, why this Japanese-Italian restaurant can attract so many foodies to come. The name is taken from 喫茶店 Kissaten meaning coffee shop in Japanese. The design and interiors looks exactly like a traditional Kissaten in Ginza Tokyo. Very interesting to just look at and soak into the great vibe. Now I think It totally makes sense they open in historical Chinatown. We started off with some cocktails – Perfidia and non alcoholic Pink Moon. Both were quite good, especially Perfidia. We ordered the Octopus Salad to start, featured Lasagna and Fish course to share. Octopus was so tender and the dressing complimented with the salad so well. It’s not just octopus plus mixed greens, flavours from the dressing went really well with the texture of the lightly battered octopus. The highlight was the featured lasagna with pork, chanterelle mushrooms, miso with basil cream. It’s a game changer of lasagna…full mouth of surprises and great complex flavours. No cheese on top but really there’s no need to put any. Then we had fried fish served with a daikon soy sauce. It’s an above average dish, the fish cooked just right and fall off from bones tender. Lastly we had the Yuzu cream – Japanese style of Panna Cotta. Slightly too rich to my taste but I do like the citrusy punch from Yuzu to balance the creaminess. Overall I think we had a great time here and it’s where I would recommend friends and even visitors to come for a different dining experience.

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中文食記 Kissa Tanto

溫哥華新餐廳長開長有,特別係fusion菜,但呢間日式義大利餐廳Kissa Tanto算係最近最潮最難book位既一間,究竟有0羊0咁好食呢。

Kissa Tanto 個名應該係來自日文 喫茶店,等同咖啡店0咁既意思。裝修的確好似東京銀座舊式coffee shop個種感覺,佢揀係唐人街開係好配合果種懷舊氣氛。

首先我地叫做cocktails, 一杯有酒精係Perfidia,另外無酒精係Pink Moon 。佢地既野飲味道都幾獨特,但我係接受到兼覺得幾好飲。Order左八爪魚沙律做頭盆,個八爪魚輕輕炸過,一0的都唔韌,口感做得好出色,個汁都好襯個沙律,唔係淨係得沙律菜味咁。主菜我點左千層麵,呢款日式千層麵裡面有豬肉,野菇,味噌,陪羅勒汁。仲係無鋪上芝士。估唔到呢個新派千層麵味道層次好豐富,非常有驚喜。主菜仲叫左炸魚配蘿蔔蓉,魚肉質感似蒸魚,但外脆內軟,唔係話超特出但都唔錯。甜品係柚子奶凍,我認為漏左少少,但味道唔錯既。整體用餐體驗都好唔錯,我會再返黎同朋友試下其他菜式。相信我仲一定會介紹比黎溫哥華旅行既朋友,因為環境菜式都夠特色。

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