11 May La Tour Eiffel


You all know about Eiffel Tower and possibly know where you can get nice pictures of it in Paris. This post is for those who want to find hidden and quiet places that you don’t have to fight for the best spot or have the same pictures with everybody else. If you enjoy slow travel, the surrounding neighbourhoods around these places that I suggest below are worth checking out too.

I accidentally bumped into a blog of a photographer and saw by the most mesmerizing pictures taken in Paris with Eiffel Tower as backdrop. I know it sounds cliche but the picture itself enough said is very Parisien with the Le Tour Eiffel, classy architecture and fancy stone railing. I was very determined to find out where is it and no answers were found on the blog. Many asked..but zero response. It’s that secret not so secret location…I have seen it but gosh where is it?

So at the end I googled street view and applied common sense to narrow down the direction. THANK YOU Google and I can see the exact location after several tries! I got the exact location and happily dropped a pin on my google map.

This is actually a quiet residential neighbourhood and closest metro stop is probably Trocadero. After you exit from Trocadero and see Eiffel Tower in front of you, find the main road and keep walking to the right. Keep walking and look to your left, it’s about 5 mins walk and you will see a path with a dead end and voila this view will be right in front of you. Closest street name is Avenue de Camoens.

We met some very very nice Parisien there. The neighbours were so nice and trying to move their car and anything that blocked our way when they saw us taking pictures. We kept saying don’t worry about it as we were not professional photographers but we could feel that they would like us to have the best experience in Paris. And of course they were all very proud of this gorgeous view.

I can’t stress enough that this is a residential area… so I hope it won’t become a touristy lookout point at the end. Just keep it to yourself okay?


Trocadero is one of the most photogenic spot for Eiffel Tower but as well the most busiest place. Unless you go extremely early at dawn otherwise it’s hard to capture without any pedestrian. Couple years ago when we did our anniversary photos, I was very fond of having a picture in front of the carousel and Eiffel Tower. At the end there’s too much human traffic and we didn’t have it taken by the photographer we hired. I was a little bit disappointed but my dear hubby finally managed to snap one for me. This place is very obvious around Trocadero and very easy to find. You see Eiffel Tower; you see the Carousel.

Another photogenic spot I like is the intersection of Rue de L’Universite and Avenue de la Bourdonnais. You might have seen this place many times on Social Media and not yet where exactly the location is. It’s very charming spot that you can have an iconic picture of Eiffel Tower in between the French buildings..very cool.

Some other places I would suggest are Pont Alexandre III and Pont de Bir-Hakeim. These are also some very popular spots for wedding pictures also.

While I’m still reminiscing about my trip to Paris, what are some other less common and hidden locations you know we can get some nice pictures in Paris (maybe for next time)? Please leave your comment below and would love to know more.

  • Kaori
    Posted at 19:14h, 28 May Reply

    Hi I am Kaori from Tokyo.
    This is where I was looking for!!
    I am really happy to reach your beautiful blog and find the hidden spot.
    I will visit Paris soon so definitely I go.
    Again thank you for your sharing the spot you found out with effort.
    Of course I will enjoy it in secret!

    • vivi
      Posted at 14:56h, 29 May Reply

      Hi Kaori,

      Thanks very much and nice meeting you. I hope you enjoy the view and glad to stay connect with you and please share the beautiful pictures.

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