27 Nov Ladurée for Holidays

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Thanks Ladurée Canada for inviting me to their Afternoon Tea Party. It’s my pleasure to not only sample all kinds of goodies, but also to share my passion about food with like-minded social influencers and store owner of the Vancouver location.

First we get to check out the new Sonny Angel Christmas collection and some other limited edition boxes. As you might know Ladurée boxes and accessories are collectibles to so many (including myself) out there! Not to mention they will also make perfect christmas gifts to your loved ones.

Then let’s move on to the Traditional 3-tier afternoon tea –  finger sandwiches and bowls of fruit salad at the bottom, French Madeleine and Financier in the middle and assorted macarons on top.

My favourites besides the classic macarons are the Madeleine. Surprisingly these butter sponge cakes are not overly sweet and dry…I finish this delectable treat in 2 bites. It compliments so well with my tea choice of the day “Marie Antoinette” – Chinese/Indian tea blend with rose petals, citrus fruits and honey.

We also try Coupe Ispahan and for those who knows me well can tell I’m crazy with anything Ispahan. This is an ice-cream version of Ispahan – scoop of Rose gelato and Raspberry Sorbet top with whipping cream and Lychee. The rose gelato has a well balanced sweet floral flavour, not perfumey. Personally I still prefer the real Ispahan pastry so I’m looking forward to them finally coming to Ladurée Vancouver next year. They will be bringing pastries, including their signature Saint-Honoré and Ispahan directly from France.

I have blogged about their pastries in one of my old posts before and you can check it out here.

Right I know most of you always have the same question, are their macarons made locally? The answer is No. Ladurée maintains a meticulously high standard of their products and all pastries/macarons are made in France and shipped to various franchise locations in overseas.

While I’m stuffed with all kinds of sweet indulgence, a plate of warm French Toast is brought to our table.  It smells incredible!! It is a simple brioche bread with jam drizzling, raspberries and rose infused Chantilly cream. I like how the texture is not too dense nor too rich.

I mean you can’t go wrong with sweets, desserts and obviously the macarons in Ladurée.

Tell me if you have been to the Vancouver location and everything about how you like it or not in the comment section below too!

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