15 Jun Le Boy


The utterly beautiful Camellias are not part of the Chanel’s lovely packaging but are fresh cut from the garden. Can’t help to arrange them right away with my tiny Chanel paper bag, which you might have seen from my previous DIY floral arrangement post. The absolute elegance and purest of whites from the Camellia make my day and I’m more than happy to bring you the reveal of my new closet staple – Le Boy Bifold Clutch.

This item was never on my radar and I had no clue it ever existed actually. My dear colleague showed me a picture of it and she was told this item would be coming into the Vancouver store. It looks so chic with quilted lamb skin and mini Le Boy gold hardware. It’s not the common Le Boy flap bag style I have seen people wearing on the street. I adore the look and also the price tag. Retail price is very appealing – costs about 1/4 of a Le Boy medium flap bag. I just don’t see any reason of not getting it after knowing how rare the style comes and how fair the price is.

The clutch can hold a compact wallet, phone, lipstick, lip balm and a few small keys. It comes with zipper and a separate zippered compartment when you open.  You can’t stuff bulky key holder or wallet in however as it would lose its shape. I think it’s a decent size to hold my daily essentials as a clutch.  I love the style and will rate it A++.  It can be dressed up and down, casual and formal. Transform the look from day to night….so versatile and classic. It’s an investment item but you can make so many good use of it. Highly recommend if you love Chanel but not ready to splurge on a flap bag or looking for something more edgy than the popular Wallet on Chain.

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