28 Apr Life | Desert Rose

If you watched my Insta-stories, you probably know I was non stop filming the beautiful details and moments of the Desert Rose Party last night. Here is a quick recap of the stunning collaboration dinner last night hosted by The Cross Decor & Design, Lazy Gourmet and Celsia Florist. The event just blew my mind. I’m amazed by all the thoughts the hosts put behind to bring the trendy L.A vibe to Vancouver with an artistic approach. The desert rosy colour palette is carried throughout the decor (my favourite is the floral chandelier) and furnishings. The food were spectacular and not the ordinary catering dinner on the menu. Lavender butter on freshly baked bread, that was heavenly delicious and not the typical herb butter I had before. The Salmon with Risotto cake and the Lamb Loin with deep fried goat cheese pairing with wines from La Stella were perfectly seasoned and delicious.  I was really full but still wouldn’t want to pass the Frozen Strawberry Rosé and the dessert cart.

I’m always inspired by the Cross, the display is beautifully curated every time I walk into the store. I swear they got the most beautiful decor during Christmas time.  It got a huge space divided into different sections carrying a variety of products from beauty, tableware, baby’s clothes and of course furnishings. There are so much for you to check out.

The Cross Decor & Design


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