28 Aug London: Borough Market

Morning Coffee

The other day we got up and headed to Borough Market for breakfast. It’s breezy in the morning so i was glad the walk was short and comfortable from our hotel. The first place we checked out was Monmouth Coffee – a boutique chain of coffee shops and roaster and it’s often listed in guide books as one of the must visit coffee places in London. 20140828 - Borough05 My To Go latte 20140828 - Borough06

The second food stall we visited is the Brindisa Chorizo Roll. It’s not an ordinary hot dog sandwich, it’s ciabatta roll wrapping the chewy chorizo sausage and peppers right from the sizzling grill. Simple but delicious!

20140828 - Borough04

Right and we not even got through the entrance yet and I was already half full.  You cannot miss the food stall selling Paella as it’s right in the middle when you get in. We had sampled some of their paella as well…yum! There were just a huge variety of foods for you to check out, from fresh fruits and produce, pastries and breads, dairy and deli products, spices and condiments and still much more to offer. We were wandering around and getting lost, finally I bumped into the Fish! counter. I urged Will to get some for us to try it out. But I have to say I’m a little disappointed and I think Go Fish in Granville Island gets the fish and chips job done better.

20140828 - Borough02

20140828 - Borough15

All the vendors were very generous to offer samples to try.

20140828 - Borough07 20140828 - Borough03


20140828 - Borough14

Have you realized eggs in Europe are not refrigerated? Yes, they are not washed nor refrigerated and North Americans may be very surprised to see this.

20140828 - Borough13

20140828 - Borough09

To walk off our morning calories, we followed the crowds along bankside strolling to the Tower Bridge and back to the Millennium Bridge. There’s so much to see and you can probably spend a half day in Tower Bridge instead. We only did the “arrive” and “snap”and I can tell we might be missing so much. So if you can share your experience with us that would be awesome too.


Go on the day when the market is full open, you can check out the opening times on their website. I think you can skip the fish and chips and try something you haven’t had in your home country.

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