18 Sep London: Notting Hill

How’s everyone lately? We were just back from a weekend getaway from Portland Oregon and got so much inspired from the edgy city vibe. Such a wonderful short trip with great energy, awesome food (and coffee!!) and tax free retail therapy.

I haven’t updated for a bit because I’m going through some big changes and having my finger crossed that everything will be settled soon. It’s going to be challenging but I’m thrilled with new opportunities and exposure. Bring it on Baby!

Back to my travel diary in London, the last morning in London I scheduled some time wandering around Notting Hill. Yup It’s Notting Hill, exactly where the movie was filmed and I admit that’s how I learned about this place. I hope I’m not the only one though?

May be the face I can’t forget
The trace of pleasure or regret
May be my treasure or the price I have to pay

20140917 -nottinghill08

The Portobello Market on every Saturday draws many many tourists and you can tell right by this picture. It’s like a Carnival filled with tourists and we could barely make our way down the road. I wish I could spend more time to look for vintage items but I was just overwhelmed with the crowds and had to shift away from the crazy buzz.

20140917 -nottinghill10

Cute street vendors. Look at these vintage letterpress in various fonts and sizes.

20140917 -nottinghill07 20140917 -nottinghill0620140917 -nottinghill02

There’s where I found the quiet gem. Look at the pastel-y houses and that’s how Notting Hill should be speaking to me. The neighbourhood was so whimsical and I wish I can live here (in the baby blue house).

20140917 -nottinghill01 20140917 -nottinghill03

20140917 -nottinghill09

I know Huge Grant’s or Julia Robert’s fans will be dying to visit the bookshop!!! And here you are, THE Travel bookshop but I can tell you it’s no longer the original one. In fact the location has been moved and I don’t think it looks quite the same as the one we have seen in the movie anymore….sigh!

20140917 -nottinghill05



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