01 Jun Mango Granita

芒果涼粉 – Fresh Mango with Grass Jelly and mango granita. I’m not entirely sure if this is the proper translation in English but that’s closest I could think of. Mango desserts have been very popular in Asia for at least over a decade, especially in Hong Kong. There might be infinite recipes when we talk about Mango desserts, my version is very simple and you can prepare it ahead.


1) 1 can of Mango Nectar (NOT juice) – available in Asian Supermarket
2) 1 can of grass jelly
3) 1 fresh mango
4) 1 tbs Condensed Milk (optional)


1) Pour the entire can of Mango Nectar into a shallow pan or baking dish. Freeze for approximate an hour.
2) Use a fork to scrape and break the ice crystals formed around the edges. Back to freezer for another 20mins.
3) Repeat step 2 until the granita crystals turn light and flaky.
4) Open the can of grass jelly and cut the jelly into small cubes.
5) Remove the skin of the mango and cut into thin slices or small chunks.
6) Assemble your dessert by putting the granita and grass jelly in a cup or bowl, top with fresh mango
7) Drizzle condensed milk on top.

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