18 Jan Mentaiko


Mentaiko – marinated roe of pollock is one of the staples in my freezer and ingredient to create a simple yet delicious meal in no time. You may not impress with raw mentaiko (right, try google up the picture) but they are truly delicious with creamy pasta. Imagine pasta with anchovies, meitako is the Japanese take to add that unexpected salty flavour to a pasta dish.

Servings for 2-3

1. 2 pieces of mentaiko with skin on. They can be found in Japanese or Korean supermarket.
2. 1 baby cucumber julienne in thin strips.
3. Grilled chicken strips or cooked crab meat 100g (any kind of toppings will do)
4. 100ml half & half cream
5. Spaghetti 200g (I grab the spaghetti by making the OK sign…index finger hitting the first joint of thumb is roughly the portion per person)
6. Kimchi 50g (optional)
7. Dried seaweed (optional)

1. Remove the skin of mentaiko by gently cut it in halves not don’t completely cut the skin through. Run the back side of the knife and scrape all the fish roe off the skin. It’s similar to how you remove vanilla seeds from vanilla bean. Set it aside.
2. Cook you pasta according to package.
3. Quickly toss in your meat toppings and add in the half & half cream and let the sauce slightly reduce to the consistency that you prefer.
4. Quickly toss in the mentaiko and kimchi then remove pasta from heat immediately.
5. Season with salt & pepper and garnish with dried seaweed if needed.


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