30 Sep Hong Kong | Mercedes ME

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It’s very interesting that I tend to meet a lot of good friends through blogging. Carmen and I became friends long time ago when I still had my wedding blog running. Fast forward to couple years after, we finally met in Vancouver and she also introduced her friend Iris to me.  We could chat non stop about our travels and foodie experiences, and I truly treasure this wonderful friendship we build over the internet. I was travelling in Hong Kong for a short period of time and no plan about where to find good food, they simply know where to bring me.

CNN listed Mercedes ME as one of the best new restaurants in 2016 – a lifestyle concept venue to combine luxury car with fine dining and it is also their first location in Asia followed by Hamburg and Milan.

Not only the food was spectacular, the ambience was awesome as well. My friends Carmen and Iris brought me here to try their popular weekend brunch inspired by Spanish cuisine. The menu was extensive with different buffet stations of seafood tapas, salads, cheese and iberico ham. I was blown away by so many food choices and also by how beautiful the stations were set up. We tried so hard to have not more than 1 piece of each dish because they were so delicious. One of the highlights on the menu was the “egg a la carte” made to order.  You get to choose whichever way you want your egg to be done and add whatever toppings you like. We ordered the soft boiled egg with iberico ham, spinach, mushroom, cheese etc. It’s cooked perfectly and melted into my mouth with so much flavours well blended together.

On to the main courses, we could also order as many as we wanted and they also meant to be sharing plates. We ordered the Wagyu beef with shiso churri, Pork presa with smoked peppers, Baked angel hair with lobster and the Bikini sandwiches. Comparing to the outstanding tapas, the main courses tasted much more average.

We were going to save room for desserts (of course!) and surprisingly they were absolutely fabulous.  Catalan cream foam was definitely the winner. The texture was airy, citrusy and it’s just melted instantly into my mouth. Other desserts like the chocolate and hazelnut delice, dulce de leche, coffee sponge and whisky curd, they were very good also. It’s a perfect finish to our brunch. We had a short but sweet meet up in Hong Kong and I can’t wait to meet with these wonderful girls again.

Mercedes ME
Shop C & D, Ground floor, Entertainment Building, 30 Queen’s Road, Central
Tel: 2895 7398

今次返香港好匆忙,多謝Carmen 同Iris 抽時間出黎請我食好野,講真我都無plan過要食0羊,但Carmen好識食,而且佢知道我喜好,有佢帶路完全無問題啊。我同Carmen其實係響Yahoo Blog年代果陣識,雖然唔係成日見,但見到面又唔知點解好好傾。今次佢話帶我去呢間CNN評為2016 最佳新餐廳之一,Mercedes ME。呢間係繼德國,義大利,亞洲開既第一間Mercedes餐廳,一間集合生活,靚車,飲食既概念店。一入到去,我以為返左加拿大,因為裡面差唔多全部都係西人。呢度既brunch係以西班牙菜式為主,我地可以先出去自助攞頭盆小食之類,花多眼亂真係唔知揀邊樣,全部都好好食咁。頭噴除左沙律麵包芝士,仲有好多海鮮類別例如青口,大蝦,沙甸魚,當然仲有各式西班牙火腿同tapas!!!每樣試少少但每樣都好好味喔, 主菜有和牛,海鮮天使麵等等,但相對頭盤類就無0甘特出,最後去到甜品反而滿分,全部都好好味啊,特別係果個入口即溶既Catalan cream foam,佢唔係一口泡0甘,只係質感好輕,口感好舒服。總括黎講成餐都係好食既,特別我係外國返去, 加拿大呢邊好少呢類既brunch buffet選擇,覺得好新鮮!

  • Carmen
    Posted at 19:25h, 01 October Reply

    We really enjoy the brunch and chat with you as always. Looking forward to meet up with you again.

    • vivi
      Posted at 22:13h, 03 October Reply

      Thanks so much again and next time it’s definitely on me!

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