29 Jun Morocco | Chefchaouen


Chefchaouen looks so captivating in pictures and that’s one of my bucket list places I need to check off. I was so excited on my way there, except not for the long 3 hour drive. We had a driver to take us there and he dropped us off at the medina then we were on our own to explore the town. Before you made booking with any local tours, make sure you understand whether it’s a guided day tour or it’s just a matter of private transportation to bring you there.

Our driver told us while we as tourists thought this place was so beautiful like heaven, the locals also thought it’s a heaven – heaven for those weed smokers. Our driver Manoj said marijuana was grown at the outskirt of Chefchaouen ….woah that’s not something I had ever thought of. Apparently Pinterest wouldn’t tell you that.

We didn’t encounter any kind of drug dealing scenes nor feel unsafe in Chefchaouen. Occasionally some young children might not be very friendly to us (or might be just a bit overly curious) but overall it’s much more quiet and peaceful than Fez. Zero hustling and nobody tried to sell us anything. Probably we were the ones bothering the locals instead because all those photographed alley ways were taken in front of their doorways.

Chefchaouen is famous for its Moorish inspired buildings in vibrant blue colour and it’s also the only old town in Morocco that is painted in blue. It doesn’t seem there’s any obvious reason why it’s in blue.  Whatever the true reason is, this place looks photogenic and draws tons of tourists to come check it out, explore the alley ways and take lots of pictures.

The last question is….does Chefchaouen live up to the hype and possibly on par with another blue heaven like Santorini?

It depends on what’s your expectation. I find this medina is interesting to navigate without the hustle & bustle, but I love Santorini way more, it’s way more relax,romantic and comfortable. Chefchaouen is nice but my experience was not that memorable….however we bumped into the most cutest ginger kittens in Morocco. I wish I could take them home….

#跟著矛盾去旅行 之 藍色大門

摩洛哥有一個特色的藍色小鎮 -Chefchaouen 位於距離Fez三個小時車程左右。特別之處是小鎮會將全部牆身油上藍色,富有摩洛哥色彩的建築再帶上點希臘影子。




那麼Chefchaouen同真正的度假天堂希臘相比呢? 雖然大家都是藍色,但感覺很不同,我自己就覺得希臘浪漫很多啦。

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