17 Mar Morocco | Marrakech

Marrakech is one of the most magical destinations that we have ever been to.

I have never visited anywhere similar to the market in Jamaa el Fna. Fresh orange juice, snake charming and chained monkeys by day, countless of street food stalls by night. Grab a drink from the restaurants with a view overlooking the square and just enjoy the people watching…The arabic music, the prayers, the traffic noise and the people around made the experience so entertaining and “one of a kind” in such a land of spice and smoke.

Slow travel is the key to visit this city.  Take as much time as possible to admire the great architecture like the Ben Youssef Madrasa and stroll through backstreets to observe how locals hand dyed the yarn and treated the cow hide.  My favourite parts of the souk are Spice Market, the Lighting and Metal District. If you are uncomfortable with shop owners trying to hustle you, try hiring a local guide for a half day tour.  Having a local guide to show us the market really helped…. we spent way less time trying to figuring out where we should go and have an idea how much a certain item should cost. I highly recommend you hire through the hotel as they take guest’s feedback seriously and more likely you will get a reliable guide.

Morocco is a country full of surprises and  “extremes” – we would spot richest of the richest paying $2K+ for a night stay in the Hotel Royal Mansour commissioned by King Mohammed VI  and the poor locals still striving for basic needs just steps away. I guarantee you would raise questions and have lots of wonders from all these culture shocks and inequality between rich and poor. Nevertheless I recommend every single bit of this culture rich country… come explore with an open mind, experience the hustle and bustle, soak in the air with fresh mint and spice…of course also bring back some exotic travel stories.

Thank you so much for travelling along the journey with us and appreciate your patience to finish reading all my travel journals in Morocco. Will see you soon in my next travel series!

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