12 Nov Morocco | Yves Saint Laurent

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“Yves Saint Laurent and I discovered Marrakech in 1966, and we never left.” – Pierre Berge.

Jardin Majorelle – where Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge saved it from being torn down in 1980 and called it home until he passed away in 2008. His ashes were scattered in the rose garden around the Villa. And later in 2010 the street in front of the garden was also renamed Rue Saint Laurent to honour this legendary fashion designer.

When you walk into Saint Laurent store, you almost assume monochrome is the colour palette for the brand. In fact, his design was greatly influenced by the Moroccan design and culture. If you can’t relate his “Le Smoking” suits to Moroccan fashion, he was inspired by the Moroccan cape “burnous” and transformed the elements into his signature design.

The garden was originally built in 1930s by a French landscape painter – Jacques Majorelle. He planted varieties of rare plants and trees and also painted the main house Villa Oasis in primary colours. The vibrant cobalt blue is often referred to Majorelle Blue.

After visiting Jardin Marjorelle, I recommend you checking out the stores and cafe right next by. 33 Rue Majorelle is a curated concept boutique carrying contemporary Moroccan brands. I could browse this shop for a good hour and get amazed by the selection of contemporary designer items made by local artists and designers….nice contrast to what you would find in the souk.

We are contemporary design junkie and you are just like us hoping to find some modern chic restaurants in Marrakech, I do recommend La Jardin and Nomad. They are not the most traditional down to earth local restaurants you can find in the medina, but the vibe in both places is just trendy and friendly. Don’t forget to check out a cute souvenir shop Chabi Chic right below the restaurant where I bought quite a few things for myself. The ceramics we got from Nomad are made in Morocco with a modern twist.

Jardin Marjorelle – Rue Yves Saint Laurent، Marrakesh 40090, Morocco
33 Rue Majorelle – 33 Rue Yves Saint Laurent, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

Nomad –  Place Rahba Kedima, Medina, Marrakesh
Le Jardin  – 32 Souk El-Jeld, Sidi Abdelaziz, near Souk Cherifia, Marrakesh
Chabi Chic – Place Rahba Kedima, Medina, Marrakesh
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