16 Jul Nice: Blue Coast

20150628-nicetown12 20150628-nicetown15 20150628-nicetown17 20150628-nicetown13 20150628-nicetown14Turquoise Mediterranean water, blue cabanas, relax pedestrian walk along Promenade des Anglais – signature scene in Nice that I adored the most. Didn’t quite enjoy stepping on the hot pebbles, they literally burnt my feet!! We had a short stay in Nice and we felt 2 days were about right.  Nice is nice but I found it’s very touristy with too many people and I preferred smaller towns of French Riviera much more. Hoping you can share your experience and persuade me to love Nice more.  I was so looking forward to the scenic drive along Côte d’Azur to Monaco and Menton which I’m going to share with you soon. Stay tuned!

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