08 Jul Nice: Old Town

20150628-nicetown0920150628-nicetown01 20150628-nicetown04 20150628-nicetown06 20150628-nicetown1020150628-nicetown03 20150628-nicetown05 20150628-nicetown07 20150628-nicetown02After staying a couple days in Barcelona, we flew to Nice France directly. Southern France is one of my top 3 destinations that I got to check off my bucket list and here we came. Did I mention I was so nervous that our flight would be cancelled due to airport control strike? Luckily the strike was call off the day before we departed and everything went smoothly as we planned and landed safely in Nice. Upon checking in our b&b, we toured the new town very briefly and we both didn’t think that’s the vibe we were looking for, so we decided to head straight to old town. We came to enjoy last bits of the flowers market (opens daily) – vendors selling fresh flowers, produce, soaps, spices and many cute little goodies. A little friendly tip if you are looking to get the best deal of Savon de Marseille (soaps) for souvenirs, get them while you are in Nice.  It got the most huge selection and best price throughout Provence. Go deep into the old town and stroll through narrow streets and tiny shops, don’t forget to grab a Lavender or Thyme gelato if you can, to set the first taste of Provence and it’s surely satisfying.

Another local food that you shouldn’t miss – Socca bread made with chickpeas that’s a specialty dish in Nice that you probably won’t find it elsewhere. The best place to have the extra crunchy goodie is Chez Pipo. Socca was served freshly from the oven and beware it might burn your tongue. Gosh… they are crispy and delicious. Excellent snack to go with a glass of rosé wine.

After a tea break of Socca and Rosé, we hiked to the top of Castle Hill (Parc Du Chateau). The view overlooking Promenade des Anglais was spectacular and it’s always the top attraction in Nice for that reason. We were very patient to wait for the sunset but we still didn’t expect it took so long for the sun to come down. I probably forgot about that 2 hours of wait once the dusk came to my eyes…..the picture did the justification of beauty. Once we finished the last snaps of sunset, there were a few other groups like us waited for so long and couldn’t wait to get out from this place. Walking down the hill with a few acquaintances we have just known for 2 hours and about half way down we saw another group of people came back up to tell us that the entrance gate was CLOSED. We were like….no way, how could the gate be closed that early around 9pm??? We were split in different groups and hopefully found a way out without getting lost before dark. I kept thinking there must be an exit right as I saw cars went by us…..so right we followed same direction of the cars and found the exit which was opposite to where we entered. We also sent the message back to the rest and make sure they all left safely. Phewww…..what a memorable experience! I treasured this little piece of adventure and burned the memory at the back of my mind.

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