14 Mar Pasta 101: Fettuccine Al Nero Di Seppia

I have to be honest about being intimidated to make my first batch of fresh pasta. I youtubed and googled for many recipes and I was still not confident to handle these 3 ingredients together.

    1. 1 cup of All Purpose Flour
    2. 1 Large Egg
    3. 15ml Oil

I know how ridiculously it sounds but I wasn’t sure if I could do this! So instead of doing this myself, I gathered with my friends to do a homemade pasta dinner party. We had so much fun and the result was better than what I expected. I’m not any master of making pasta but the process is not difficult once you have a clue on what you are doing. The recipe is very forgiving and you can’t really do wrong.

On Valentine’s day, Will suggested to try making Fettuccine Al Nero Di Seppia (Squid Ink) together. First of all, I didn’t know where to get squid ink and I only bought dried squid ink pasta before, they didn’t taste anything like squid….So FYI, we found small packets of squid ink (C$3) from a pasta place in Granville Island Market. If you are going to make large servings, I would suggest you to get a full sized jar of it (approx C$15).

Now let’s get started, for making pasta for 2 servings, just reference to the ingredients and measurement above. For larger portions, please double or triple the ingredients accordingly.


1. Put 1 cup of all purpose flour in a big bowl, sprinkle a pinch of salt then use a fork to make the flour like a volcano or well shape.
2. Crack one large egg directly into the well of flour
3. Add 1 Tbs of olive oil to the egg
4. Add 2 packets of squid ink into the well also (optional)
5. Gently whisk the egg mixture and start pulling flour in with fork and with hands after
6. Once all flour are mixed in, the flour mixture should look like the right picture below.

7. Then next to get some real hard work done. KNEAD the dough for 25 mins. It means you have to press down and push the dough forward, fold it in half , turn it sideway, then knead it again. Repeat this step for 25mins. If your dough is too wet, sprinkle some flour on. If your dough is too dry, wet your hands and the dough should stick together back again. Your dough should be not dry and sticky, it should be soft to handle once it’s done

8. Plastic wrap your dough and let the dough rest in the fridge for 30mins.


9. Take the dough out from the fridge. Gently flatten the dough and you can start rolling through your pasta machine. Adjust dial to the widest setting and let it go through 2-3 times. Set to next dial and roll the dough through the machine for 2-3 times, then onto next dial (again for each dial roll your dough for approx. 2-3 times) until the dough is thin enough to get through the second thinest setting.


10. Now you may cut your pasta in any way you like using a knife or the machine.

11. Sprinkle flour on cut pasta and hang them to air dry on a rack for 20mins

12. Bring a pot of water to boil, add a pinch of salt and a tsp of olive oil. Cook pasta in boiling water for 2-4 minutes. Very important you don’t overcook you pasta, start timing for 2 mins and keep tasting until you feel it’s the right al dente texture.

13. Toss pasta with any toppings or sauce you like. I did a very simple white wine pesto sauce and sautéed with mussels, baby squids.

I think I have passed this pasta 101. Fresh pasta is very easy and entertaining to make, hope you enjoy your homemade pasta as much as I do.


1)1 杯麵粉
2)1 隻蛋
3)1 湯羹橄欖油

第一次跟朋友們一齊做,效果很不錯,索性情人節的餐單就跟老公一塊做墨汁手工義大利麵。墨汁在Granville Island 賣義大利雜貨的檔口就買得到,有小包($3),有大瓶 ($15。 建議做4人份量以上所以買一瓶的比較划算。






4)   麵團要揉25分鐘,用力把麵團往下壓及往前推,對摺,轉九十度,重複以上動作,一直到麵團柔軟光滑就完成







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