10 Jan Perfect Scones


I’m very particular in scones and I can’t accept scones getting dry, crumbly and sometimes undercook. I have been to almost all afternoon tea places in Vancouver and yet to find one place that is consistently making perfect English scones on the Afternoon Tea menu. A lot of them changed their recipes to do American scones instead.  If you starts wondering what’s the difference, shape is the key to tell. English scones are having a round cylinder shape while American scones are triangular shape normally or just scooped out from the batter without a formal shape. American scones are more crumbly and dry comparing to the English ones. English scones have a finer texture and not as dense as American scones. While you can enjoy scones plain, I prefer eating them the traditional way – with jam and devonshire cream. It’s a luxury for me to enjoy this gift from my dear cousin – the Rose Petal Strawberry Jam from Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop Hong Kong. If you ever get a chance to find this jam, try it and bring some back home if you can. It’s very fragrant and delicious, simply amazing.

The thing is sometimes I go to Afternoon Tea is just mainly for having scones as I’m not that into other finger sandwiches and sweets, having this jam in my pantry works like magic..back to Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental Afternoon Tea in an heartbeat. But now ….how about scones? I’m no expert in baking scones just yet as my bestie Michelle from Cherie Pastries masters this recipe very well. If you are particular in scones just like me, trust me and order some from her to give it a try. You will be thinking you must have missed out one of the best English scones you can possibly find in Vancouver. I can’t imagine a more perfect Sunday brunch or tea than this…perfect scones with perfect jam.


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