03 Mar Provence: Arles

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On our way to Arles, we spotted some endless and magnificent Sunflower fields. Friendly reminder that it’s a bit difficult to stop along the highway, be cautious if you want to park the car on the side. We were told by a local tour guide we were very fortunate to see these sunflowers blooming in early July, which normally wouldn’t happen until late July to early August.

Arles was a lovely medieval town with Roman features and often being associated to Vincent van Gogh. The hospital, Cafe Terrace at night and much more enchanted Van Gogh to turn them into the most remarkable work of art on canvas.

The Cafe Terrace at night in reality looked nothing like the one on the painting anymore and not a single trace of whimsy left behind. It became a pure touristy spot. Instead of dining in the cafe, we picked a small cafe across the square, grabbed some iced latte and lavender milkshake (in fact you could order milkshake with other interesting ice cream flavours, Thyme, Violet, Rose…) and admired this once upon an inspiration to Van Gogh.

Young artists and talents however still stayed. We had visited some very inspiring contemporary art galleries in Arles. Or else if you prefer to visit historical sites and Roman architectures, don’t miss out the Arena.



  • Carmen
    Posted at 22:57h, 03 March Reply

    You are so lucky to see both Lavender & Sunflower blooming in Provence. I hope I can be here one day to meet Lavender & Sunflower sea.

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