28 Feb Provence: Michelin Starred Le Vivier

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You must be well fed in Provence. No matter you choose a small local or Michelin starred restaurant, you can’t go wrong either way. The Provencal cuisine always makes use of the freshest and local ingredients so the menu often adapts to seasonal ingredients.  Michelin starred restaurants in Provence offer relatively affordable menu than Paris and that’s something I would recommend you to give it a try.

The Michelin starred restaurant Le Vivier sits right beside Sorgue River. The dining room was modern with clean lines… but the ambience on the patio was the main reason that I picked this place over others.  Colours of the river changed vividly during sunset time.  Suggest that you book a table on the patio to enjoy the view and sounds of the river.

While La Vivier served not the typical Provencal cuisine, their menu was quite creative and refreshing. We had the la vivier menu 53€ that we could choose 3 courses on the menu. They also had wine pairing option, also very reasonable at 35€. Appetizers and desserts were on the light side and to me they were quite similar to West Coast cuisine. Hubby liked it but thought they were not outstanding. He’s probably right because I don’t remember what did I have for appetizers and desserts. Star of the night was the Pigeon Pie – also their signature item on the menu. Pastry wrapped medium rare pigeon breast, porcini mushrooms and foie gras, served with the slow-roasted thigh and leg on the side. It’s the best combination of all my favourites. Perfect match of strong earthy flavours from porcini and pigeon with buttery flakey pastry. The overall dining experience I would rate 9 out of 10 and food quality 8 out of 10. Service I would rate 10/10. We felt we are well taken care of and never felt the ambience is too uptight and formal.

For other Michelin starred restaurants in the region, please check out this list. I would like to hear about your experience from other places in Provence. Please share!

我覺得在南法是很難吃得不好的,從道地美食到米其林星星,餐廳何其多,廚師用的食材也是當地新鮮的,菜單也是跟隨季節時令食材而更改。Farm to Table 根本就是最基本的。

到了普羅旺斯也想說試一下當地的星星料理,主要是因為價格很划算。我們選的Le Vivier,自選頭盤,主菜,甜品,3樣菜式的套餐才50多歐一個人。用餐的地方更是在有名的河邊Sorgue River。翠綠的河水隨著日落顏色也跟著變色起來,配上大自然的背景音樂 -河水聲,就是不喝酒也都醉了。這家餐廳不會讓你覺得是星星餐廳就感覺很拘謹,都是很隨性,可是服務也很周到。食物是新派法國料理,有點貼近我們北美洲那種西海岸風。 我們覺得頭盤跟甜點都是偏清淡,是好吃可就缺了南法料理的特色。主菜是最精彩的部份,他們家最有名的菜色是鵝肝乳鴿派。是乳鴿裹著牛肝菌外面再包上派皮,外皮鬆脆,配上濃郁的乳鴿跟牛肝菌,實在是很好吃~~~~

這家餐廳總分數我打9分 (滿分10),無論服務用餐環境我都沒有什麼可以挑剔 (10分),食物也算中上 (8分),價錢也公道。


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