22 Feb Rosaviola

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Dyptique Paris and French designer Olympia Le-Tan have created a collaboration for this year’s Valentines Day with a new scent called Rosaviola (C$80 for standard size candle). The package is top to bottom beautiful with a box of gorgeous print inside, frosted pink glass and embroidered canvas label. The whole collaboration also includes the emoji available to download from app store, which is fun and romantic.

I didn’t check out the tester in store before I placed my order…it’s a bit risky I know. I bought it only because I’m a big fan of Olympia Le-Tan. The embroidered label on the candle just resembles to her signature embroidered canvas book clutches… I got no reason to bypass it.

I like the fragrance but not as much as its packaging. It’s a very girly scent, however I don’t mean I’m complaining about it. It’s just my hubby would much rather I burn Tubéreuse which is also a very floral-y scent. Not sure if I can differentiate the rose and violet from the smell, the fragrance seems quite powdery to my preference. Nonetheless, Dyptique never disappoints me for their Spring limited edition with its beautiful packaging and scent of roses. From previous seasons of Rosemundi, Rosefiola to this year of Rosaviola, you can’t go wrong with adding one to your collection.

香味非常女孩的限量版系列,每年Diptyque品牌都會推出限量的玫瑰味道,從Rosamuni, Rosafiola 到Rosaviola, 每一個都包裝漂亮到不行。這次還跟我非常欣賞的設計師Olympia Le-Tan創作這特別版。平常蠟燭上的都是用貼紙,這個是用刺繡做的,呼應Le-Tan最有名的刺繡手拿書本包。你問我最喜歡Diptyque的味道是這個嗎?應該就不是呢,不過我還是認為有收藏價值,點完以後洗乾淨放小物也是實際又美觀的

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