27 Apr Secret Garden

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Wisteria -the draping mauve purple blossoms are greatly appreciated and celebrated in Japanese culture.  The Wisteria tunnel in Kawachi Fujien is the most strikingly beautiful and magical pathway filled with flowering Wisteria, enough said it’s surreal and makes you wonder this place really exists?

Hunting Wisteria in Vancouver is much more challenging than hunting cherry blossoms. They appear so random around various neighbourhoods around April-May. The harder you try doesn’t make you any easier to find them. We never know when we would bump into a large Wisteria Tree in a back lane or someone’s back yard. We just keep looking around…..without knowing our destination. It starts getting me to think about “process” vs “result”…are you a process or result driven person? I was thinking if I am result driven, I think I would give up on location scout of wisteria, as there’s no guidance on where to find them. If I’m not enjoying the process or journey, it would never get me to the place that I wanted to be.

Wisteria is my favourite spring blossoms and also how I name my site. With meanings of love, grace and bliss, Wisteria also have a meaning that meeting you means so much to me. I like to bring you to discover day to day beauty about life, and you as readers also mean a lot to me. The whole blog is my life journey = voyage and it doesn’t really have a main theme behind. To blog as business, this is the number 1 thing to avoid, to not have a purpose or theme behind. I understand this game rule but somehow I’m not quite following. I want to keep all my posts true to my experience as they make my life. I believe that law of attraction would be able to pull audience together instead of me trying so hard to create posts to impress readers. The last thing I wouldn’t do is to start getting projection of my individuality to fade.

Wisteria Voyage – at the end means welcome you to bits and deets of my life journey. I hope it inspires you little about capturing the positivity and beauty of your day to day life through my posts.


帶你沿途看人生風景 - 是我開始這個部落背後的主題。基本上我寫的東西都沒有什麼重點,在於一個部落客來講,是十分不該做的事情,沒主題的部落是沒有人看的。說得也對,可我就沒辦法像其他成功的部落客一樣寫得專門來吸引讀者。我不想故意找主題來寫,而偏離了我生活的軌跡,就讓我日常所經歷到幫我找主題。也許這不會讓我變成功,最少我知道這個部落很真實記載了我日常生活美好的點滴。



  • Brillante interiors
    Posted at 10:00h, 28 August Reply

    I fell in love with a house in West Vancouver also because of a 50 years old wisteria. We bought it the same day.

    • vivi
      Posted at 13:30h, 04 September Reply

      Wow how wonderful is this? I always wonder is it hard to maintain, would love to see your house someday!!!!

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