20 Jun Stylish Smartwatch? Really?

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I upload a blog post, this time I’m going to a do a mini review on the Kronaby smart watch that Will and I have been wearing in the last couple weeks. I’m sure by looking at the pictures you will be questioning what? Is this a smart watch? It looks nothing like one. That’s the reason why I would like to make this review as I’m probably the very last person to jump onto the smartwatch bandwagon, not that I don’t like the technology, it’s the look of the smart watches on the market just don’t fit my personal style.


Kronaby hits the right spot on creating sophisticated look of their hybrid watches. We both are amazed by the look of quality made leather strap and watch face, the weight and touch of the materials makes me feel like I’m wearing a high end watch. The hidden smart features are activated from the crown or dials on the side of the watch so I never feel distracted by the flashing screen. I got the same experience from wearing a watch that looks like a watch, instead of wearing a smart device on my wrist.

We both love bigger watch face so we opt for Sekel 43mm but there is also other designs in 38mm with a sleeker and cleaner look. Only some designs include additional features on the watch face like setting up functions for second time zone or stop watch. Overall they have over 45 options you can customize on their website and find the one that suits your lifestyle the best.


The basic smart features like step counter and notifications from email and social media can be connected via your phone app just like other hybrid watches. One of my favourite features is the pin dropping function, especially useful when you are travelling abroad. By pushing the dial on the watch and a pin immediately drops on Google map, so efficient to save the place that we want to re-visit or simply try to find out our current location.

Another great feature is connecting your phone camera with the watch, so you can use your watch to activate the camera and take the picture so you don’t always have to stand behind it.


Price point is about $500-900 CAD each depends on the model, which considers to be quite high comparing to other options on the market. Whether it’s worth the value depends how many features you see that you will be put in good use. I would say if you are into fitness , that may not be the best choice as it’s somewhat limited to step counter and it doesn’t have other more advanced features like heart rate tracker etc.

There are many more features we have yet to explore, like you can also find your phone by the watch, control music, and also a special feature called IFTTT which allows the watch integrated with other apps and devices, for example you can integrate the watch as part of the smart home system to control the garage door or room light. The idea is fascinating but I have not tried connecting to IFTTT yet, so I will update my review after playing around with this feature.

So at the first glance, what do you think about this hybrid watch? Do you think it’s worth the investment? Or please share some of your smartwatch experience and recommendations with me that would be great!

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